Uzodinma: Lessons on Selflesness

By Walter Ononuju Nnadi.

When the bill repealing the “Pension and Gratuity Law for ex-Governors, their deputies, Speakers of the house and their deputies” was proposed, it initially seemed as if it will not sail. Thankfully, it has sailed, surprising the naysayers. The bill was unanimously passed and it got assented immediately.

The government will now channel the fund, which is in excess of N1.3b annually to more pressing and important needs of ndi Imo, especially in the health sector, infrastructure, wages and salaries and so on

The 3R( Reconstruction, Recovery and Rehabilitation) agenda of this government has began to yield fruits in many sphere of the state’s activities:

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The massive work that is ongoing in all the three senatorial zone of the state is a clear evidence that the commander of the 3R administration came prepared, and is armed with the necessary tools for the total turn around of the states’ landscape. The citizens are now singing a new song in unison, cheering happily the performing government of shared prosperity. In Imo state at the moment, a total reconstruction is ongoing; Uzo-ndi-imo-adina-mma.

Imo state today is agog with pleasant happenings in the areas of recovering lost proceeds of corruption and stopping the corruption itself from happening. The rigorous and steadfast moves made so far by this administration in recovering our looted common wealth is timely and is being greeted with great applause. The government has nibbed in the bud the pension and salary scam syndicates by introducing direct E-payment system, though not without resistance because corruption must fight back when faced with existential threat. The government is more than resolute in her pursuit of purging the state off corrupt practises.
The implementation of the single treasury account by the government is also worthy of accolades because it has helped in plugging all the loopholes used in siphoning the treasury of the state. Onwa thank you so much. Ndi Imo appreciate.

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This government wouldn’t have come with the slogan of “shared prosperity” without having in mind that its will be building bridges of reconciliation and extending a hand of friendship to the people on the other side and the new entrants into the ruling party. The diversified appointments made by the state government is a good indicator that this government is not in the business of partisanship, rather it is an administration that is pan Imo. Uzodinma is a deal maker and he is ready to strike that deal for the benefit of ndi Imo.

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I urge all Imolites to speak in one voice in support of this great gift from the supreme being.

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