Voting Buhari As Nigeria President Is Our Greatest Mistake – Borno Residents

Borno residents have expressed their regret over voting Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, as the Nigerian president.

Mr. Musa Usman, a senior university lecturer while criticizing Buhari’s inability to lead on his Facebook timeline, said what happened in Auno where over 30 persons were killed is most unfortunate.

Usman who wondered why Nigerians traveling on the road will be killed, say, if Buhari cannot protect the people, the country is in a deep problem.

“What pains us the most is the fact that nobody is going to be held responsible. And the situation is the same across the country, killings everywhere, Usman added. 

“If there is a conspiracy to thwart the gains of the Buhari government, as some diehards will say, what the government is doing to unravel the conspiracy? “The buck stops on the table of the government! We deeply regret returning this government to power”.

Mr. Gagaya, who lives in Maiduguri, told our reporter that, there is nobody who lives in Borno that does not regret voting Buhari.

He recounted how they are been killed every day without the government doing enough to save them.

Auwa, who left Chibok and now lives in Maiduguri, says, “anybody who tells you he or she is not regretting voting Buhari, is not saying the truth”.

Even the politicians who have been defending him are angry and cannot say it publicly, she added.

Some other youth, told WAR, we did not know, Buhari coming back to power will turn worse.

Mr. Ali, who is a teacher and did not want his school and second mentioned, says, half of the Borno state population are living in the IDP camps and do not have hope of returning to their home.

Idris, who is a trader and sells second-hand clothing, told our reporter that, everybody had the belief that Buhari will put to an end the rampant insecurity in the northeast, but the people are angry because his government has failed them.

“There are big poverty and hunger in Borno, farmers cannot go to their farms, they have abandoned their homes, Idris added.  

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