Was Nwosu actually kidnapped, Arrested or Karma paying a visit?

On the 26th day of December, 2021; Mr. Uche Nwosu, A former Chief of staff to Imo former Governor was picked up in his local Church. His followers disturbed the reading public with different narratives and story lines as it regards to the said picking up. Some said that he was kidnapped, others said that he was arrested but in a Gestapo style while the religious ones questioned why it must be in a Church but the bottom line is that he was picked up.

To the overtly emotional followers, your principal was arrested after refusing to honor many invitations extended to him by the law enforcement agents a move that warranted him being trailed to his village and finally his place of worship.

I am not holding briefs for the state nor the Federal governments but I believe that the reading public deserves some truths and the records set aright. Ugwumba as he is fondly called must have had an unfinished business with the Law enforcement agents thus his invitation and subsequent arrest but as a media hyped individual, his foot soldiers are blowing the whole scenario out of proportion.

The likes of Mr. Darlington Ibekwe were busy churning out unfounded information and falsehood to the reading public at the full glare of all the eye witnesses that men that picked Nwosu up were all on their official Operational uniform and they duly introduced their selves to the suspect Nwosu who didn’t even show any sign that he was being abducted as it was being reported by his minions.

…The Abduction Story…

The men of Nigeria police approached Mr. Nwosu politely and informed him of their mission at the point and time, he never resisted them rather he sought to know their ID which they provided for his inspection and confirmation. He quietly followed them to the waiting vehicle but the drama started when the vuvuzella boys started shouting on top of their voice that he is being abducted by Government security and later rephrased it that he was abducted by unknown Gun Men on the orders of His Excellency Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodimma . (though am sure the Government will amend her charges in Court by adding this weighty allegations to the person of the Governor and his Government).

A sane person should ask Mr. Darlington,

Why was he afraid?

Is he afraid that his principal is actually guilty as may be charged?

His premeditated post that came hours before his principal’s arrest, Was it another prophecy or If he was or had been briefed beforehand about his principal’s arrest?

How did he drew the conclusion that his principal’s ordeals was orchestrated by the state Government?
Let him also provide answer to this question; How Can a Man like Uche Nwosu who enjoys the security protection of Both the Police and dare devil thugs be abducted?

Karma at Play..
During one of the gubernatorial debate organized for all the gubernatorial candidates in the state organized by the Catholic Church with its venue then sited at the premises of the most sacred Assumpta cathedral, the government in power then saw the debate as anti government and warned that the government will not fold it’s hands and allow anything that will breach the peace in the state to continue, despite all the assurances by the organisers, this same Mr. Nwosu Organized some thugs, stormed the venue of the debate, and destroyed all the materials meant for the debate, assaulted the Most revered clergyman in our state In the person of Mst. Rev. Anthony J.V. Obinna, beat up all the Rev. Fathers and other Imolites right inside the Church under the supervision of Mr Nwosu and the Nigeria police.

Hope we have not forgotten the Drama and mother of all desecration that took place during the Burial mass of one of the Anwuka’s.

Finally, Ndi Imo has the right to know the truth. The hasty conclusion and assumptions by his followers is uncalled for and one born out of deceitful emotions with an aim to deceive the reading public. Uche was not abducted rather his followers staged a drama to make it look as if the arrest was dramatic.

Big questions remains; Why the so much drama? Is he (Mr. Nwosu) above the law or above Arrest?….

Walter Ononuju Nnadi..
Writes from the Creeks.

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  3. Was Nwosu actually kidnapped, Arrested or Karma paying a visit? — Akelicious

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