We Are Still Chasing Shadow Of Corruption And Not Corruption Itself Under Buhari

When All Progressive Congress came on board in 2015, one of the crucial things Nigerians were expecting from them is to fight and kill corruption.

The All Progressive Congress campaign was based on how corrupt the former administrations in the country were and the need to kill corruption. Hardly will a day go without allegation from the then opposition(All Progressive Congress) on how People Democratic Party is corrupt.T he party (APC) highlighted how corrupt-free country could be developed in less than four years since the resources will be appropriately managed and not siphon by some selected people. Many Nigerians saw sense in the APC and jumped on their boat in other to send the People Democratic Party out.

President Muhammadu Buhari integrity was the selling point, and in fact, the Daura man was one of the reasons why Nigerians accepted the offer of APC. T he Suppose corrupt-free administration started in 2015, and since today Nigeria is still fighting with corruption, it’s not as if we are just struggling with corruption, nothing has changed in the past five years of the present administration.

Many people have been allegedly accused of corruption in the team of the Mr Integrity an action that they condemned before 2015 election with a vow that such will not happen under Muhammadu Buhari APC administration. Unfortunately, the story is still the same.

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The cabinet of Mr President is full of many people that has corruption allegation against them. One of them is the latest minister for Niger-Delta, Godswill Akapbio who has been accused of corruption, another person is the suspended chairman of Anti Corruption body (EFCC) under the administration of Buhari.

Ibrahim Magu is under investigation for corruption allegations, despite the investigation of a secret service pointing that Magu should not be made the Chairman of EFCC, the President refused to listen and put his man in the team

 The case of Magu has started building up another allegation and exposing one of the President Minister, Who is also the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami SAN of corruption. 

The AGF is accused of selling government properties without due process and the funds from the same not correctly handed. Ministers and head of agencies are not those that are suspected of corruption under Buhari.

Babachir Lawal, the former Secretary-General of the Federation was also accused of using his company Rholavision Engineering Ltd, of receiving consultancy contract to clear invasive plant in Yobe State from PINE, an intervention agency under his office. However, the SGF was sacked but yet to be prosecuted for the crime.

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The late Chief of Staff under the President was also accused of corruption by collecting bribe from a giant telecommunication service provider in Nigeria. Despite how powerful the office of the CoS is, the then Chief of Staff wasn’t asked to step down in other for the case to be investigated without interference from his office.

 Also, at least petitions were submitted against two former governors who are now ministers under the Mr Integrity regime since 2015. Neither the petition was used against them nor replied, since the President has integrity, the rest of the cabinet is the same.

President Muhammadu Buhari All Progressive Congress that came on board as a party that is not corruption has also been involved in a lot of corruption cases as a party. There was a video allegation against the Governor of Kano state, Governor Ganduje on how he received a bribe from contractors, instead of the party to investigate, they started attacking the opposition.

They turned the whole thing into a political war. How the Governor was given a return ticket without investigation of allegations against him shows how APC is ready in the supposed fight against corruption.

The former chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomohole was also accused of receiving bribes in other to twist the party primary in favour of highest bidder. What is expected of a serious party that is fighting corruption is an investigation into such with immediate alacrity but unfortunately only God knows how the ruling APC is fighting corruption 

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 Evidently, things are still the same under the administration of Muhammadu Buhari, and the score is too low for an administration that came on board to fight corruption.

 It is wrong for anyone to exonerate President Muhammadu Buhari from everything that’s happening under him, show me your friends and I can easily tell who you are.

 The President is just like those who he appointed forget political gibberish from anyone, he is busy fighting shadow of corruption and not corruption itself.

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