We Don’t Want The VP To Be The One That Will Speak. It Is Buhari We Want To Hear From – PFN

We Don't Want The VP To Be The One That Will Speak. It is Buhari We Want To Hear From - PFN

With the Insecurity situation in the country, many groups and people have aired their disappointment in the Buhari led administration. This clarion call for the president to act swiftly to put an end to insurgency and banditry in the country have been made by both northerners and southerners.

The level of insecurities and pampering of bandits and herdsmen by the federal government have made other regions to feel that there is a motive by the government to make other regions second class citizens. Hence, the emergence of the agitation of Oduduwa Republic alongside the already existing agitation for Biafra.

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In a dialogue meeting organised by Zamfara state government with stakeholders of their sectors to find a lasting solution to insecurities in the state, the president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Wale Oke have called on-the-go president to address Nigerians on the way forward.

According to the PFN president, Nigerians are tired of recorded videos. Also they are tired of hearing from the vice president instead of the president. As we don’t want Yemi Osinbajo to speak. It is the president himself that they want to hear from. He went on to say that how can a president be this insensitive to the plight of her citizens. If Tinubu can pay a visit to Katsina market that was on fire, what will make the president feel untouched by the situation and not bothered?

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He added that Buhari need to address Nigerian more often in person as the situation is getting out of hand. Let the president seeks to the people who voted him instead of acting like a statute.

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