We Reelected APC In 2019 Because They Said They Had The Key To Security – Senator Abaribe

The All Progressive Congress (APC) came into existence prior to 2015 General Election as Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), CPC and ANPP came together to form a single party that will pull a great force required to remove PDP out of office who have been in that position for good 16 years. The last President of Nigeria under the platform of PDP is Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who first finished Late Yar’Adua’s tenure in office and was again reelected in 2011.

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The party (APC) being a new one made President Muhammadu Buhari their Presidential flag bearer, judging from the fact that he was influential and promised Nigerians that things will get better. Even though we may not be seeing that now due to the current phase we are in Nigeria that is only transient, the APC-led administration at least have done something that Nigerians will remember them for.

Reacting to the current state of insecurity in Nigeria, a Nigerian Senator from Abia State, Abaribe said in a viral video that Nigerians did not elect Chief of Staff and National Security Adviser, but they were appointed after the government was voted in and that if we must attack anyone, then it has to be the government who appointed them.

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The Senator said that the reason APC was reelected in 2019 was because they kept on saying that they had the key to security and Nigerians voted for them. He added that since things have fallen apart, they will have to ask the government to resign since they cannot fulfil their promises. Senator Abaribe also alleged that the APC government said in 2015 that if they do not performed well they should be stoned and that it is time to do what they said and hold them responsible for what is currently being experienced in Nigeria.

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