We Want Big Nigeria They Want Small Biafra – Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe

The aide to Lagos state governor of drainage affair, Joe Igbokwe has taken to his Facebook page to condemn the thought on Biafra.

In his post, he said “We talk about peace, they talk about the war. We want big Nigeria, they want small Biafra. We want a big market, they want a small market. We talk about our investment in Nigeria, they think it is nothing. We think about diversity, they think of ethnicity.”

Joe Igbokwe belongs to the Igbo tribe but he had never for once supported the idea of Biafra in anyways. He has always used every of his power to preach about unity and one Nigeria.

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He said the thought of Biafra alone brings war and leads to insecurity and as such, he condemns all the agitators that are behind the movement.

According to Joe Igbokwe’s post, he said there is so much to benefit if all tribes and ethnic groups can come together and act as a nation.

Although, the thought of Biafra has been in existence before now the government do not in any way approve it. Also, the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Mazi Kanu is currently in police detention awaiting trial. It has been allegedly reported that IPOB action has caused a whole lot of havoc to the southeast in the past few weeks.

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However, Joe Igbokwe has advised all Igbo leaders to welcome peace and let go of hate, bigotry and sentiment.

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