What Does Rochas Okorocha Really Want?

What Does Rochas Okorocha Really Want?

By: Cletus Onyeukwu G.

Loyalty is sometimes the albatross of objectivity. Worse still when servitude is introduced into the mix we become a pitiable version of our real selves. This is the case of Mr Sam Onwuemeodo.

Sam is a self styled “godly” Journalist whose counsel to a Rochas Okorocha can be likened to those of Ahitophel. He and other poor Managers of the Rochas brand have regrettably succeeded in creating a clown out of a once revered Okorocha. How they continue to fester around same man is a confirmation that something may, indeed be wrong with the “State of the head”.

Okorocha is a man with excess capacity for inanity. He has a special knack for talent discovery. However, what is much more befuddling is his unrivaled ability to kill same talent. Sam is one of such lurid examples. So much so that his Mbaise brothers have long declared him a persona non grata.

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The analysis above is at the core of understanding Sam’s continued surbordniation to “iberiberism”. He is one of many human capital disasters created by Senator Rochas Okorocha.

How on Earth does Sam contemplate that Rochas would ever eat his cake and still have it? Why has Sam suddenly forgotten the “Perfect Alliance” that saw Rochas dangling like a neophyte in the Political field of play? How does he expect that a Rochas should be excused from reaping the fruits of his indiscretions and administrative improprieties? How?

The APC caucus meeting of August 15, 2020 was an assembly of true stakeholders who, without prejudice, believe in the perfection of the Party and not some self serving “Perfect Alliance”. They came, met and resolved to further the course of the Party in the State.

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All that the Governor said about Rochas and demands were weighty enough to earn a decent rejoinder from a thinking Okorocha and company. However, what was gotten in response, through the garrulous Sam, were scribbles of none issues in an obvious bid to prevaricate the facts.

The question then is, what does Rochas Okorocha truly want?

If Governor Hope Uzodimma, according to Okorocha and his dimwits, is still a PDP member after over two years of leaving the Party, does it also mean that Rochas Okorocha is still a PDP or APGA member after many years of leaving both Parties? Logically, it is incongruent to aver this opinion. Unfortunately, Okorocha and his cheerleaders are masters of illogical actions. One therefore cannot compete with them on that turf.

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Imo has moved on from Okorocha’s era. He is one man without the capacity to finish well. This is why he rarely has a policy, program or project with clear-cut applicability. All he does is make huge noise and end up doing nothing.

While we await intelligent response to Governor Uzodimma’s revelations, we would need to pray for deliverance for our brother Sam and others who are still captives of Okorocha’s manipulations.

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