What NASS Should Do Urgently To Prevent An Outbreak Of Anarchy

Nigeria is on the verge of collapsing, if care is not taken, another civil war may erupt (God forbid). The rising wave of insecurity has gotten to a boiling point. It is at this point that Nigerians expect our Law Makers to be on their toes.

The National Assembly should as matter of urgency commence work on RESTRUCTURING Nigeria through the amendment of the vital parts of the constitution. The failure to respond before now has led the nation into this raging regional self-determination chaos.

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Any further delay in acting will most likely lead to any of the following:

1. Military interrupting the democracy to take over the government to restore order, of course, with far-reaching consequences. They are losing too many men.

2. Negligently allowing the regions to slip into the hands of hot-headed separatists who, so far, have not shown clear governance and developmental plan.

However, acting on restructuring NOW will empower the current political class and intelligentsia in different geopolitical regions to assume control with little destructive disruption with the armed forces restoring order. I suggest the following actions immediately:

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1. NASS leadership should immediately wake members up from ongoing slumber to do their duties.

2. Set up a joint NASS Restructuring Committee

3. Meet and convince Nigerian Governors’ Forum to set up regional committees covering broad interests to negotiate the transfer of critical things on an exclusive list to concurrent list and other federations issues.

4. Amend the constitution to reflect the new political realities of Nigeria.

5. We have Switzerland, Canada, the US, etc federation models to look at to adopt what is best for us given our peculiarities.

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Northern Nigerian legislators and politicians should note that any attempt to frustrate the immediate restructuring of Nigeria at this critical point will bring nothing but doom.

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