Where Does IPOB And Nnamdi Kanu Get Their Reliable Intelligence From?


Unbeknownst to many Nigerians, IPOB runs one of the most efficient intelligence gathering agency in the world. Their presence and reach across the world makes them reliable in gathering intelligence. They are even contracted by other intelligence agency around the world.

There is no place on this earth inhabited by man there is not an IPOB member. If they put you under surveillance, you cannot escape them. And every one of them is under spiritual oath to provide vital information necessary for the defense and survival of the Biafran Nation.

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That’s why when Nnamdi Kanu makes a pronouncement, it comes to past. Remember, Kemi Olunloyo never mentioned names, she said “high ranking official member.” But Nnamdi Kanu did mention name and location(Cuba).

The agency consists of two arms:
1. Biafran Directorate of Intelligence Agency. (Equivalent of CIA)
2. Biafran Security Service. (Equivalent of Secret Service and Homeland Security)

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