Which Company Tides Of Change Have Truly Survived The Pandemic?

The past year has seen even companies who were miles from home working setups shifting to remote processes almost overnight. And, for many, initial challenges made way for WHF success that far surpassed initial expectations. 

This has left countless companies considering giving up their offices altogether, especially with top industry dogs like Mark Zuckerberg stating that around half of Facebook’s employees will work remotely full-time by 2030! But, experts remain sceptical and, as many companies start to consider their life after coronavirus, some difficult decisions are sure to follow. 

After all, while some workplaces have flourished in this from-home setup, others have altogether failed to find their footing. With a rising mental health crisis that’s largely related to increases in isolation, it would certainly be an exaggeration to say that full-time remote work is an obvious next step for everyone.

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Still, whether you intend to continue down the remote route or not, the fact remains that pandemic life has also brought a great many other positive changes along with it. Here, we’re going to look at three such shifts that you could definitely benefit from keeping as we move forward.

# 1 – Flexibility

The jury might be out on whether working from home is the future but, as can be seen on sites like https://www.techrepublic.com, 72% of employees still expect to work flexibly at least some of the time moving forward. In fact, despite worries over the ability of companies to accommodate a genuine flexible shift, this is a benefit most workers have been crying out for a fair few years now. As such, employers who reopen offices but still provide flexible arrangements look set to accommodate every aspect of a return to work that ever-changing workforces can get behind in the long-term. 

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# 2 – Availability

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For many companies, the past year has been an interesting lesson in the benefits of increased availability, with many taking this chance to implement longer hours for things like online chats and customer services. Some have even taken steps towards 24/7 call answering capabilities or mailing addresses like those offered by www.physicaladdress.com to ensure easy communications, even on-the-go. With many customers now expecting this enhanced availability from the companies that they work with, it’s certainly difficult to imagine a business continuing to thrive without an ongoing focus to make this possible. 

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# 3 – Adaptability

While backup plans have always rested on known risk factors until now, 2020 taught us that we simply can’t prepare for everything. With this in mind, businesses need to implement flexible, easily-adaptable disaster recovery plans that they can actually turn to if the worst happens again in the future. Specifically, companies moving forward could benefit from developing regularly updated plans that make way for diversification and market changes as, and when, they happen. 

Whether you’re intending to stay remote or not, there’s more than one pandemic lesson that workplaces should keep in mind moving forward. Are you ready to feel the full benefits of the realisations on offer?

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