Who Is More Of An Igbo Man Than Northerner By Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

The propaganda being spread by the agents of a “quasi-northerner” with various fictitious claims on the inclination of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, to northern originality than Igboland and his target to achieve the so-called “Fulani Agenda”, can best be described as a phantom decoration of their hunted identity, for selfish purposes.

Much ado about the observation of “silent is golden” approach in response to these fallacy – therefore, in comparison with the master of “factory factory factory” which later metamorphosed into “vum vam” – Rochas Okorocha, a quick look into the portfolio and profile of Onwa Oyoko (Moon) and that of Rochas, would justify the suffix “…awusa” to the latter’s name – Okoroawusa!

A true Igbo born understands the significance of traditional stools and reverences same before and beyond it. The reign of Rochas at Douglas House brought about the disintegration and desecration of traditional stools vis-a-vis the Ozuruigbo of Owerri Nchi Ise stool and Obi of Obinugwu Kingdom – a later repercussion of traditional staff struck upon the agent of desecration, filtered into the air, all the way from Air Peace.

Born and brought up in Imo State, His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma attended both Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education here in Imo State and that has earned him the relationship he enjoys today with everyone, every institution and every authority. His growth, in tandem with our culture and morals, built in him the diplomatic approach in restoration of Imo dignity.

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But what did we get from a man with hazy originality, having been brought up and grew up in the Northern part of the country with little or no understanding of our traditions? The extinction of the “Development Centers and Town Union Leadership” and subsequent importation of “Community Government” from Kano State.

Okorocha whose umbilical cord was buried in the North, has all his investments situated in the North with a few exceptions in the East – exception being either free land or stolen lands with Government power. He was quick to acquire the ancestral land of Ogboko people in the guise of building a State University – the newly renamed K.O Mbadiwe University, which he initially converted to a private property. Recently, for the love of his real people, Okorocha is building an Islamic University in far away Katsina State while the people of Imo West helplessly represented by the “under duress declared Senator”, haven’t seen even a “pure water” factory.

Okorocha who had declared Igbo Presidency as a wild goose chase, published by Punch Newspapers on 14th June 2019, all of a sudden found his voice on it simply because of his selfish ambition. But in a dramatic twist on his imagination, the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo have made it crystal clear that Okorocha is unfit for the project. This and other clear signals, which he chose to ignore, has led him into discharging his duties as “under the duress declared Senator” representing NOT the good people of Imo West but a certain senatorial zone somewhere in the north.

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Okorocha who rode on the back of machineries in the race to Douglas House 2011 and 2015 couldn’t exhibit same energy and influence in the 2019 election as he had sought to foist his son in-law on Imolites.

Then came the man with the magic touch – reaching out to the people; empathizing and harmonizing on the desire of Imolites! What God cannot do, does not exist as His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma recovered his stolen mandate.

The Grassroots remains key in political advancement across the globe and that’s the bedrock of governance in advanced Nations. The reliance on this by His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma, even during his days as Senator Representing the good people of Imo West is evident, as he has never failed to recognize the powers and productivity of grassroots. The network of His Excellency across the 27 LGA’s dates back to the 3rd republic and his relationship remains the driving force behind his advancement.

Chieftaincy title remains a major traditional identity of Ndi Igbo, especially for an accomplished son or daughter of the land. His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma has in his profile, numerous Traditional Titles one of which is the “Onwa na’etiri oha of Omuma. Remarkably, he doesn’t parade a Northern title. This is symbolic. His Excellency’s respect and regard to Igbo traditional has endeared him goodwill and love from the Igbo race.

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The colouration to Igbo tradition is the cultural music which is an identity of the Igbo race. It’s a norm to recognize an exceptionally accomplished Igbo son or daughter in highlife and bongo musics. The likes of Oliver D’Coque, has in many of his albums recognized the person and accomplishments of His Excellency, the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma. Not one great Igbo music artist or even a minstrel has recognized Okorocha in any highlife music or the likes – a clear indication to the fact that Okorocha lacks the roots of the Igbo nation.

Now, I therefore ask the question of who is more of a northerner than the other?

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