Who Is Next After Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi

Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi

Dear former Hon. Attorney General, if you will recall, the very day your former Principal, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (hereinafter referred to as ”CRA”) appointed you as his then Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, i was among the first to raise the issue of trust and credibility in my text message directly sent to you. My guts, you failed to forgive till date and I do not careless about it.

The fulcrum of that message to you was that, if you knew that, that lovely day of your appointment will also become a reality would you have led the crusade of ”BAYO OJO (SAN) must go” at the Eastern Bar Forum?

The threshold of that scepticism was that, you were a man perceived by many at the Bar, though excluding me, with the greatest respect, to do what you propagate or preach.

The most respected Bayo Ojo (SAN) had won a keenly contested election as the president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and sworn-in as the President.

The then President and Commander-in-Chief of the federation Olusegun Obasanjo hereinafter referred to as ”OBJ” found favour in him like the Biblical Pharaoh that knows Joseph.

OBJ, as the then President appointed the learned Silk as his Attorney General of the Federation (AGF)

AND WHEREAS; in the extant bye-Laws of NBA, it was unlawful for a member of the Bar to accept any appointment from the Government at any level whilst still an executive member of the Bar, the then number one citizen of the Bar had accepted the appointment as the AGF. thus, he elected to resign as the President of the NBA,

A state of necessity which gave birth to a ”non-SAN” then, the first vice president becoming the President of the Bar after the restructuring/ transformation of the Bar at the National level.

Rightly though, in order to convince the highly gullible innocent Lawyers that you practice what you preach and feeling strongly about that decision of the SAN you cast the first pebble at the EBF (Eastern Bar Forum) where you publicly moved the motion that BAYO OJO (SAN) must resign as the AGF or to be sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar. On that day, the heavens were let loose.

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It took the likes of highly respected members of the Port Harcourt Bar including Senior Advocates to calm you down in that meeting.

My disposition towards your action then was that you were envious of the SAN who is searching for greener pastures like you too.

Afterall,according to William Hazlitt ” Envy among other ingredients, has a mixture of the love of justice in it. We are more angry at undeserved than at deserved good fortune ” little did you know that you will soon find yourself in the shoes of the learned SAN, BAYO OJO.

Your Benefactor, CRA by dint of hard work was re-elected to do a second tenure. The then Attorney General (AG) Rt. Hon. Ken Chikere had won an election as a member of the House of Representatives. CRA, the man you now see as everything BAD and evil.a monster, a beast, a cruel arrogant man etc, who does not know you from Adams except perhaps as an Ikwerre man. Infact you were never part of his success story in his life yet this man, CRA listened to the voice of respected icons in the Port Harcourt Bar like O. C.J .OKOCHA (SAN),the Leader of the Bar who was a former President of NBA, and others, without a second thought, you were appointed into the prestigious office of the AG of the State.

At this point in time, you were already serving as the Chairman of the Port Harcourt Branch of the NBA with your Vice as P. Ukposi Esq.

Going by what you purport to stand for as an ” upright personality” it was a litmus test to showcase you as my hero if you had passed that test, but alas!! you were not even ready to think of it let alone submitting yourself for the test. It was an abysmal failure.

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Infact, you did not only welcome the appointment with both arms and legs, you even resigned your position as the Chairman of the Port Harcourt branch before we, members of the branch became aware of the proposed appointment without a second thought

Indeed like John Pepper Clark of blessed memory stated in his classical poem ” The Casualties” Everybody, including CRA was a casualty of your unfortunate appointment.

The first of whom was the respected SAN who nominated and handed you over to CRA. The man who received all the bullets on your behalf from intensely exasperated members of the Bar at the Port Harcourt Branch for allegedly encouraging brazen infringement of the laws of the Bar. You insulted him without reservation. I thank God for the pedigree of this nobleman which you can not obliterate.

The second on the roll of your casualties was your former Secretary of the Bar whom you arrogantly described as a ” serial failure ” His offence was that he stood in defence of the SAN you were insulting with disgust.

The third was the man that made you what you are today, CRA. The man that gave you food to eat when you had little or none on your table. You can feel free to deny it as usual. His offence was that, he asked why was there no food for the poor?

Like the quote of Dom Helder Camara, when CRA gave food to you in abundance, you called him a Saint, when he asked why is there no food for the poor, you called him all soughts of derogatory names.

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The forth set of casualties were the masses you colluded with your cohorts and deprived of good representation for them to reap the dividends of democracy in your party

You are now working for those whom you referred to as serial failures etc to destroy the man above human destruction. The man ordained by God to be above principalities and powers.

After CRA who next will be the casualty is the question but I am certain that this time you will fail.

You will soon come to know the truth that these people are not as humane as CRA. They will dine with you using long cutlery

I can also assure you that CRA will never be casualty a second time.

My dear, feel free to concoct all the lies and all manner of unprintable farce against CRA. You can even frame him up but be rest assured that, that pit dug by you this time shall swallow you and your generation except the God CRA worship is now different from the one that saw him through the tempest right from 2015 to date

My former Hon. Attorney General, I know you will link all your failures to CRA, like you have always and ready to do either for gratification or probono.

The man ”Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi” is like the proverbial tortoise in our moonlight tales. Any mischievous story without his name will not be interesting.

The destinies of all those you people conspired to, and delayed, mind you, you can not destroy any, will definitely catch-up with you some day. You will all continue to reap in excruciating pains in your life except He is not God.

This is my Charge to you all

I remain,
Ininasiya Clinton West Esq

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