Why All These Insensitivities Over Goodluck Jonathan’s Interregnum?



QUITE recently we saw a Post all over on social media purported to have been compiled by professor Wole Soyinka where he painstakingly itemizes the different persons and groups alleged to have made away with humongous amount of money withdrawn directly from the central bank of Nigeria as directed by the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan through his then National Security Adviser, colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd) who was accused by the current government under President Buhari of diverting over US$ 2 billion which were shared amongst those individuals and groups for all to see what took place during that administration. Yet all that has not been accounted for or refunded to the government coffers to date nor those individuals or groups made to suffer the consequences of their actions as a deterrent to deter others who may want to follow suit in their purloining reputation.

IT’S quite a contradiction in my views for an APC led government to which I belong, that recently exposed the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s government as haven’t embezzled or squandered various sums of money running into billions of what Nigerian government earned from oil revenues during his tenure which would’ve helped in carrying out huge infrastructural developments and other sundry purposes meant to alleviate the sufferings of the people under a democratic setting which he failed to do. Only to now become the same person whom a group of party men and women would be seen clamouring within the same tenure of the current government under President Buhari without any hindrances whatsoever to their strange and damning activities to have Jonathan to lead the party as the next president to succeed an outgoing General Buhari.

It is equally an irony to believe that the former president whom the party had accused angrily for the poor handling of the country’s resources at the time of his presidency when oil prices were high and over which the country made hundred times what it is making today on oil revenues alone all of which were alleged to have been embezzled or squandered with little or nothing to show for it, is now a goldfish to be sort after. He is so highly favoured by the leadership of the party at the top as alleged; as one who is now in contention for the position of president on its platform. This scenario appears to be so worrisome for comfort.

AND one wonders if it is a club house which was been run here where everything in it is dependent on the owners and not a political party which APC represents in this case which should have certain rules upon which it carries out the functions of a political party abidingly where its operations were to come under an ideological framework containing what it hope to achieve agreeable by all stakeholders under a written pledge known as the party’s constitution which holds in it the do’s and don’t enshrined theretofore.

INTERESTINGLY some gullible party members who now act as accomplices to such delusional adventurousness are seen clapping and applauding the rumour now making the round of the defection of former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of the PDP into the APC where he is supposed as crafted by its handlers, to emerge eventually as the candidate for the party in the 2023 presidential elections. I can’t get it?

PUBLIC opinion and its perception by leadership correctly for analysis and the subsequent implementation of its content, I must emphasis that here, is what engenders good, functional and a gregariously acceptable governance amendable to change. Such that would enable the government in question to accommodate new realities for an effective service delivery to its people in relation to their needs fundamentally. That is what invariably dwarfs the constant attacks of an opposition group which maybe inherently biased against the monumental successes been recorded by such a sitting government simply to enhance their opposition status mainly as it would have no ripple effects as otherwise.

THEREFORE any government or a constituted authority that ignores public opinion being rendered specifically or at random, and the accompanying indices emanating therefrom; does so at its own peril. Within a space of some time, such authority or government and its leadership, no matter how tough, heavily fortified with cultist hovering around its fortress with uncountable macho men at its beck and call including all the security mights at its disposal coupled with the lies they tell to keep the unsuspecting masses in perpetual servitude while they flourish with a handful of accomplices, shall collapse unsung. I can bet anyone on that. I am a witness to one myself.

IT is inconceivable and a huge contradiction on the part of our party the APC especially on its avowed stands in the fight against graft which now serves as the hallmark of the difference it makes in having President Mohammadu Buhari as our able leader who is acclaimed the world over as one of Nigerian’s President singled out who is adversed to graft or embezzlement of our common wealth; whichever one carries addiction comfortably fits the description of his abhorring propensities towards greed.

FOR us to be so callous an unmindful of public opinion at this stage regarding what we do in desperation in our attempt to attain or retain power which is being considered as a smart moves and the consequences of ignoring the dictates emanating from the angle of society in our dealings with issues especially that which has to do with persons associated with corruption and the primitive embezzlement of our common patrimonies by those now in the sit of power, is akin to one arguing over the claim that fire will be unable to roast a well dressed chicken just because it is not inside an oven.

WHAT message then would we as a party headed by a man known for his uprightness as Buhari which now compels us as subjects under his presidency who are expected to be doing things differently from those in the opposition at this time for the international community who are keenly watching activities of the two leading political parties in control of states in the country to see how we’re able to meander through our many obstacles and challenges?

AND more so that we intend in the months ahead to seek Nigerian’s votes to continue thenceforth as the ruling party on the bases of the differences we make from those we accuse of being responsible and rightly so, on the worse that has characterized the Nigerian state? All of that is worth our thoughts if we are desirous of leveraging on the gains recorded by this administration so far on many areas.

NOBODY in their rightful minds nor the international watchers of our politics, programs and initiatives would take our party nor its leadership under president Buhari as it now stands seriously going by the kind of sad development and the display of insensitivity to public perception in our activities in the manner they now seem to unfold if those indifferences highlighted are allowed to prevail.

WE cannot be seen to be soiling the reputable good name of President Mohammadu Buhari as we now do before the Nigerian public on the pretext that we are engaged in the harvest of more renegades most of whom have criminal cases in our courts that has to do with embezzlement into the party pretending it doesn’t matter, mostly from the opposition PDP especially those we’ve earlier pronounced as being of questionable characters. That isn’t logically correct nor is it morally befitting of what we say we are as a party that came to make a difference.

THE question to ask therefore is, what manner of men and their antecedence are those we seek to coopt? Such postulations obviously is what would make the difference if we are able to reflect on that or look before we lip. We cannot denounce PDP in one breathe and are seen in another conner trying to do what we accused them of doing and expect Nigerians to stick with us?

WHAT gave our party the victory at the Inception of its campaigns was the distinguishable name of BUHARI from those of president Jonathan or Alhaji Atiku Abubaker which was synonymous with probity and accountability all over which were ascribed to the current President by those who supported his candidacy. That was what caused most electorate to vote our party into power on the first ballot. Unlike today, that may likely not do the magic as many events had taken over. It will rather take but the performances of the government in power in meeting the expectations of the people and not the caliber of persons seen defecting to join us on premises that are largely questionable. There is no doubt that the cult following on the President’s trail who are unmitigatedly unbowed would still be an additional advantage for the party going forward.

BRINGING those the party had openly condemned as opposed to its side attractions to have had a selfless leader in the person of Buhari to compliment its modest efforts in meeting the needs of the Nigerian people so far in the face of an unsavory opposition ganged up, would rather drag the party into an equilibrium position with the opposition groups filling out for a contest centred on credibility where they believe to be far ahead of us as the ruling party. This is so because our party is been faced with all manners of menacing activities which may likely caused it to fall short of its earlier ratings by the Nigerian people who voted it into power overwhelmingly. And these would not be unconnected with our present habit of accommodating those with baggage full of corruption rejected by the public. How then would we explain that to the people?

THE opposition parties are highly desperate for power and would use anything and everything available fiercely to challenge our incumbency advantage so much that without the good name and presence of Buhari subsisting, it maybe easy to experience surprises from the major opposition group the PDP who are now being equipped with our undefined attitude of admitting those whose character contradicts our avowed stands which they may intend to use as a propaganda stunt to give us a full run for our claims the way it does appear.

IT is therefore imperative to note that no man under any obscured specificities or dilution be he the President’s kinsmen or aids should be allowed to mislead the party at this stage. It is highly retrogressive to allow further recruitment of persons with characters that turn to question the integrity and uprightness of the one around whom the party revolves and derives its life line being “Buhari” as that wouldn’t be injurious at this time to our envisaged political successes. Except we intend to ignore public opinion as a determining factor that would make or mar the chances of succeeding of those involved in the election in 2023.

IT is therefore incumbent on all of us as good party men and women especially those of in the ruling party including citizens; to protect the image of our president (whoever that is) and not smear nor disparage, in the case of BUHARI, his well earned appellation as an anti corruption zar the world over, unheard of for an African man.

PRESIDENT Buhari is a man known for his exceptionality and importunate resistance against decadence and exploitation of the poor by the rich who is expected to uphold those values he is known for over the years. And this has inspired hope in place of hopelessness on many which is what the citizens need the most now. Therefore, the President shouldn’t allowed anybody or groups of persons for any reason adduced to cause him to derail nor give room for Nigerians who still holds him in very high esteem to doubt his integrity for even once?

CONVERSELY, it goes to suggest also (if what we hear of Jonathan’s defection from PDP happens) that all the accusations and noise making by our party men and women against the former president or the government he presided over as President then; are nothing but a false accusation meant to boost our party’s rating before Nigerians if these propositions are allowed to prevail for anything sake. I can’t get it?

WHO, for heaven sake is doing this to the President?

FOR one whom some of us fight daily in our numerous painstaking articles and commentaries such as this one and many others carried out in like manner to fulfill my avowed decision to protect this president the much I can based on what I know of his calling by inspiration, to lead Nigeria out of the quagmire it found itself. I make time out to establish my position on different platforms over the social media where I endeavour to debunk the different falsehood and blackmail from political jobs-men all of which are meant to tarnish the hard earned reputation of this President. All these are been sponsored by those who do not want the current government under General Buhari to succeed. And that Includes some Luciferous elements and lunatics in our society?

I CAN’T get it sincerely: Who is this Savage, for crying out loud?
End time message!


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