Why I Don’t Burn Idols That I Carried Like Other Pastors – Father Okunerere

Rev Fr Paul Obayi is a Catholic priest of Nsukka Diocese through the supremacy of God is shown. He is a highly anointed man of God. God has used him to set many people, villages and individual groups from the captivity of the devil and powers of darkness. He is the spiritual Director of Okunerere Adoration Ministry in Nsukka in Enugu State. Fr Paul Obayi is popularly known as Fr.Okunerere. This name is derived from the way he used to cry holy fire during deliverance prayers.

Anambra Broadcasting Service posted a video of interview had with father Okunerere. The interview was conducted with BBC news Igbo and done in igbo language. In that video he revealed why he does not destroy idols he carried away during family, village and individual deliverance prayers. According to Anambra Broadcasting Service the priest said that he wants to preserve the Idols for museum where people can be coming in future for tourism. 

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He maintained that it will help the future children to know the Idols and understand that they don’t have powers to harm people as they are made to believed. He said that he has visited Overseas countries and saw how they preserve such idols for tourism in their countries. Rev Fr Paul Obayi said he needs assistance to build standard museum for the  preservation of the Idols.

During the interview the priest spoke in Igbo language. He showed various fierce looking and scary Idols which he carried away to his adoration ministry during deliverance prayers for people. He said he used to carry them on invitations of the owners. He carried some of the Idols from Lejja, Obollo Afor, Nsukka, Anambra State and other areas he mentioned in the video.

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There is a particular idol the cleric says it has been there since 2000. Another Idol he said the owners boasted that it will not return by itself if he carries it. This is because many other men of God have carried it away before but the idol returned by itself. But Rev Fr Paul Obayi successfully carried away the Idol and kept in his Ministry prayer ground till date. Another Idol he said has been in existence for over 200 years.

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In the video Fr Paul Obayi showed the idols. He revealed that some of the Idols were used to tie people up spiritually. But thank God they have been set free through the prayers of Fr Paul Obayi.

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