Why I Think That PDP Is The Messiah To Anambra State Problem

Looking critically at the current state of operation of different sectors in our state Anambra,i dim it fit to unapologetically say that PDP is the ONLY solution to the genuine transformation we are looking for,without such am sorry to say it might not be achieved, we all shouted change from the APC,we all screamed onye-aghana-nwanne-ya of the APGA faction,yet nothing tangible have we really seen,as regards to political parties to the betterment of Anambra state indigenes.
We say enough is enough to that mental brutality,at this point,i will critically highlight 3 three major reasons why PDP is the best solution to Anambra state problem .

1. Sustainable leadership plan of PDP Over the years is second to non———- Speaking from the national level of government,during the time PDP was fully in charge of the federal face as a winning party and still is, We have seen unmatched and peaceful transition of offices,which ensures continuation of infrastructural development and other issues of the state..this could be replicated in Anambra state,leadership matters so much,this is what PDP is known for- her agility to deliver excellent leadership style for this state… To ensure that all sectors of this state functions beyond the citizens expectation.
Give the right party chance and see for yourself the immediate effect of what the word transformation means.

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2.Grass Root Party Which Has Been tested and trusted over time Ndi Anambra state let’s open our eyes and see the truth or rather fact facing us today, “onye bu uzo bia ije Di Na ebuzo enwe nkpo nkpo eku Na oku” PDP has been there over the years and we all saw the massive result the party attracted and established in our nation as a country…. It’s wisdom to vote in a system that has massive result,the party is an outstanding entity even at world view,i believe it’s wisdom to say YES to voting PDP in the coming election without any form of doubt… Ndi Anambra state “onye rie adu õdua onwe ya” otu osisi Adighi aghu mmadu anya ugbo abuo, lets bring back our PDP as a ruling party back to the leadership of this great state, otherwise we will be in for another 4 years of shame and regret.

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3.Accessibility And Community Care System—— PDP is one party that knows and have mastered the act of carrying everyone along no matter where they, they understand the unemployed in our society and they also love and care for the pensioners like their own blood.. the state of some of the schools in our society as a state is nothing to write home about, PDP has done it before and will do more if given the opportunity to lead this great state (ANAMBRA STATE) in the coming election .

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PDP as a party if given room to lead us in the upcoming election is the rescue mission we are looking for in This state, we must be guided well, lots of this ultra modern baby parties have masked ulterior motives,which they are not yet communicating, PDP bu Egwu Eji Ugbua.

Vote Wisely maka odi mma Anambra!! ( Lady Juliet .C.Anaeme..AdaOzubululu)

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