Why Igbos Should Advocate For Restructuring Now

Why Igbos Should Advocate For Restructuring Now

Igbos should shift their focus from occupying power by 2023 or joining Kanu in Biafra and rather focus on Restructuring Nigeria to True federalism
I will try to make my points brief and straight to the point

1) Who Has Presidency Helped: We all know the region that has produced the most presidents( I am talking of ndi “Burn” to Rule). Producing presidents gas never been of benefit to any region. We as a people do not really need presidency to succeed. If Nigeria is good it will be for us all and if it’s bad, it will also be bad for us all.

2) We can’t reap where we didn’t sow: I can see some Igbos Demanding presidency from APC. This is highly ridiculous as I don’t see the need to demand favours unashamedly from a party we never supported or voted for. I don’t think it’s wise for us to feel entitled to anything from APC.

3) Do we( Igbo) have competent people in APC: Ok, let’s imagine for a minute that APC decides to zone Presidency to SE. Do we have competent leaders who will deliver from here that are in APC. We have none as Amaechi, Uzor Kalu, Uzodimma and Rochas have all proven to be kleptomaniacs with our commonwealth. We have no competent Igbo in APC

4) What guarantee for we have that an Igbo President will develop Nigeria: Yes, how do we know that an Igbo president won’t be as clueless and corrupt as he’s predecessors?

All these are salient points which prove that Igbo Presidency isn’t what we need to develop as a people. This leads us to the question, what do we then need?

Yes, we need to restructure our country. As it is now, nothing is working, funds are being mismanaged, oppression and repression has been the order of the day and gross leadership incompetence has become a norm. WE NEED TO RESTRUCTURE NIGERIA TO TRUE FEDERALISM FOR US TO EXPERIENCE DESIRE PROGRESS
We as a people need to advocate for the Restructuring of Nigeria and this means that we must advocate for the implementation of the following:

1) Nigeria should be restructured, so each state will control its resources as well as revenue. This will ensure that the semi- autonomous states grow at the pace

2) The system of leadership in Nigeria should be changed to that of a LOOSE FEDERAL STRUCTURE, where the powers of the federal government will be grossly reduced to economy, printing currency, defence if the country from external aggression and international relations

3) Lawmakers should NOT be allowed to deliver projects awarded to their constituency. Rather a construction company such as Julius Berger will be take over the construction and delivering of projects.

4) States should have the power to engage in any interstate infrastructure such as Roads, railways or electricity schemes

5) Electricity generation, transmission and distribution should be the responsibility of state governments

6) The salary of every member of House of Representatives should be the Minimum wage multiplied by 10, while the base salary of every senator should be Minimum wage multiplied by 13

7) The requirement for our leaders( particularly Law makers ) should be raised higher and be made available to only educated and enlightened people that must have contributed possitively individually to thier community.

When these laws are created, there won’t be need for political and tribal squabbles for leadership as each state will be left to develop at their own pace.

Also, it won’t matter which political party or person gets hold of the presidential seat as they won’t be able to hamper the development going on in other regions

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