Why Insecurity Persists In Nigeria – Boss Mustapha

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Boss Mustapha, has blamed the incessant insecurity ravaging the country on the shrinking and eroding socio-cultural value system. Speaking on Tuesday at the 4th edition of ‘Security meets Business’ organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in Lagos, Mustapha noted that all other causative factors stem from the eroding socio-cultural value system.

“Almost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the security agencies kill, maim or arrest large number of criminals and bandits. Focusing on terrorism alone, since the very serious crackdowns on the Boko Haram terrorists, several thousands of the fighters have been killed and some of their enclaves have been destroyed. But is it not curious that since the spate of killings of the terrorists and destruction of their enclaves, they keep striking. “Certainly, there is a stream or reservoir that is bolstering their ranks. This is evident in the number of suicide missions conducted particularly by teenagers.

“The question therefore, is how are these entrants into their ranks recruited? They are recruited from our families and communities. The neglected children, the street waifs and drug addicts; they also, conscript the innocent when they forcefully abduct unwilling persons, and through radicalization,” he lamented.

Mustapha however stated that if Nigerians, at individual and family levels, account for all their children and wards, and take personal interest in their individual development and conduct, they will not be available or willing tools for recruitment into banditry and terrorism. He also identified debased moral values as a causative factor, which according to him brings about disrespect to traditional, religious or civil authority.

The SGF lamented that lack of patriotism, lack of industry and the ‘get rich quick syndrome’ including putting fate in Ponzi schemes, internet scams and 419, among others have eaten deep into the fabric of the country. According to him, the Academics, Researchers, Development and Security Experts and even Public Commentators have listed the major causes of insecurity to include: unemployment, corruption, imbalance in development, weak judicial system, illiteracy, inadequacy of basic amenities, inadequate distribution of wealth, influx of arms, narcotic substances and open borders among others.

Commenting on the way forward, Mustapha said, “If we all account for every member of our families and uphold the tenets of moral, religious, cultural, societal and traditional values, there will be no terrorists, bandits, robbers, arms smugglers, child traffickers, cattle rustlers, militants, etc. And, the work that our government, military and security agencies are doing will become positively evident.” While commenting on the role of the corporate world, he urged the corporate world including LCCI to assist in the current war against insurgency, banditry and terrorism, among others. “Unemployment is one of the root causes of insecurity.

Our people believe only government jobs could suffice especially as it relates to job security. The corporate world could assist by swaying notions away from this stereotype by equally, enthroning clearly, defined job security policies as government alone cannot provide employment for all Nigerians.

“Other areas the corporate world could assist in tackling insurgency include but, not limited to: enhancing the competitiveness of the Nigerian industry; evolving robust policies that would adequately address the mortality rate of business concerns especially, SMEs; evolving robust policies to encourage and guarantee successes of Partnerships, Equity Angels, Joint Ventures, Franchises,” he said.

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