Why MASSOB Can’t Merge With IPOB!!!

MY dream is to see a day when Uwazurike will announce something like this:

“Dearest country men, the struggle for Biafra has never been something for one man, each epoch, God raises men to avow Biafra. In the late 60s it was Ojukwu, in the early 2000s it was me. Now is a new epoch when the mantle has to fall into a stronger hand that will match the strength of Biafran enemies.
NNAMDI Kanu is my son, for whatever reason a father cannot reject or abandon his son. When I saw his passion for Biafra I also knew he had a lot to contribute to this mission. He is not calm like me, his blood is a lot hot than any I had seen. Many things have played out between us but I am ever willing to let go for the sake of Biafra. Let it not be a quarrel that will prevent the coming of Biafra. My only wish is that everyone will look upon him as the face of the modern Biafran struggle and I therefore confer on him, by the power vested on me, the prime ambassador of Biafra. Lastly, I hereby dissolve MASSOB. Any institution of MASSOB, it’s earnings and management is now pledged to the indefatigable leadership of IPOB ably led by MAZI NNAMDI KANU with every assurance that he will deliver. God bless you and God bless the Sovereign state of Biafra.”

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Who would not want this to happen? Uwazurike himself would have wanted it to happen but he has found himself in a dire complication. IF you are on his shoes you can’t help it. Don’t be shocked for his reasons;

Number one, Uwazurike was an Indian trained Lawyer and never an economist nor politician. If he knows how to go about some diplomatic responsibilities for Biafra, working out an independent funding based economic system might just be a little difficult. The easiest thing to do is to levy the common masses and desperate politicians. The much he’s achieved is thanks to the daily contribution of Biafran enthusiasts who get N1000 and spare about N100 for Biafra.

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Uwazurike has sought for Biafra from the hard earned penny of the poor people and desperate politicians who had trusted him. For the last 20 years, some resilient ones have been contributing for Biafra and each of their penny had ended up in Uwazurike’s coffers. If Uwazurike pledges MASSOB to IPOB, who then accounts for what MASSOB has done with a 20 year financing?

This would have been the easier side. A very much bitter side is what will shock everyone. The able Chief had not earned these financial supports on a platter, he had made pledges, pledges that are far beyond Biafra itself. Uwazurike has purportedly assigned different posts and governmental status to different individuals, just awaiting the declaration of the Biafran govt to kick off. There are the governors, ministers, ambassadors etc everything you can think about, then, Uwazurike is President and commander in Chief of the Biafran armed forces. Is God not wonderful?

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If you are Uwazurike can you do more than playing the time game and trying to assure everyone that Biafra has come when it is still out of reach?

Uwazurike is landlocked in his own creation. He cannot say the truth and lying is dire.

IPOB has a very different preceding from MASSOB that makes a merge almost impossible. IPOB officers are bounded by oath and obedience. None of them can ever take any governmental office when Biafra comes.

MASSOB’s governors, ministers and presidents should Learn the same. They should desist from selfishness and thread the path of selflessness and refrain from counting their expenses for Biafra. Many before them have sacrificed more than they have. They should close the page of MASSOB and disperse or support IPOB.

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