Why We Should Support Igbo Presidency Come 2023

 Igbo Presidency

Nigeria is a blessed country with diverse tribes. A good father always endeavours to show same love to her children to avoid springing up problems at home. In some states in Nigeria, some ethnic groups have not been privileged to govern the state. usually, in as much as the state exists animosity always spring up. In Kogi, the Yoruba(Okun) are not happy with the rest part of the state likewise in Benue the Idoma is not happy. It exists in many states, most times because of conspiracy the conspirators will prefer to have a mediocre than an achiever because of where he or she comes from. It is most unfortunate that in a 21st century world such primordial sentiments determine who rules.
In Nigeria today, the gospel truth remains if we must cross the rubicon the Igbo is the solution. Go to Kaura Namoda, go to Iseyin, go to Biu, go to Ibi go to the creeks you will find an Igbo residing there and they know that any decision taken will affect their brother.

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