Why We Want Igbos To Have A Biafran Referendum- Northern Coalition

The spokesperson for the Coalition of Northern Groups(CNG), Abdulazeez Suleiman, has spoken to BBC Igbo about why his group is pushing for a referendum on Biafra to be given to Igbos.

Suleiman said the group has filed a petition in court, praying that the Nigerian government and the National Assembly, will grant Igbos a referendum for them to decide if they want Nigeria or Biafra

According to Suleiman, Nigeria is a British colonial construct and if Igbos dont want to be part it, they should be free to go.

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He said that if Nigeria had let Igbos go in the 1960’s, there would have been no need for the civil war and all the suffering and death that followed. He also said that even though political leaders in the South East had distanced themselves from IPOB, there was clear evidence that IPOB enjoys massive support from most Igbos

Suleiman reiterated that Biafra has been on the neck of Nigeria for over 50 years, and it was time to put the issue of Biafra to rest through a referendum, for the sake of peace.

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