Womenswear Nola Black unveils pre-season 2020 lookbook

Arinola Olowoporoku’s emerging womenswear label, Nola Black, has unveiled its pre-season 2020 which features quirky clothing that is true to the core of the brand.

Shot by Miracle Otugo, the lookbook features a model shot against the backdrop of a 90’s Nigerian hair salon.

The collection depicts its monochrome colour scheme, with pieces such as dungarees, plaid dresses, plaid jackets, a sequin two-piece and sheer dresses.

The voluminous sleeves are key to the collection and an essential for anyone looking to nail that vintage flex.

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According to the Creative Director, Nola Black, she said: “This collection was inspired by the fast-paced evolution of the ideas and ideologies that govern our times. Specifically looking through the millennial experience, the collection is stirred by the transformation/shift from a time seemingly riddled with singularity to an era arguably suffering from a crisis of meaning. Inspired by the many social, political and changes, the collection abundantly fuses social references from the new and the old. Drawing from the movement of a pendulum, the collection elaborates on how we establish equilibrium living through the extremes.”

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