Worrisome Attitudes Mitigating Against Growth And Development Of Imo

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By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

When we read the book “The Strength In Us”, that was written by an American, we saw that it was actually serving EXPO to the world on why and how America became the greatest country in the world, from grass to grace. It was simply a revelation of “The Strength in the United States”!

And that strength is the people. The Americans. The strength in the people of America. We learned that the people saw leadership, for example, as a means to an end and not an end to the means. We saw that people just agree to go along with those that are isolated by election or selection to serve in leadership positions for the rest of the people.

We later saw how a Polish immigrant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became a six-packs body-builder and later a movie actor could become the governor of an important State as New York in America. We saw how a Hollywood Cowboy movie star, Ronald Reagan, became the president of the greatest country in the world!

Americans don’t disregard or disrespect their leaders no matter who or how he became a leader. That’s part of the winning strength in the United States of America. Those that care to grow and develop their society imbibe that culture wholesale, hook, line and sinker.

In Nigeria, the story is different. In Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, the story is even bizzare. Everybody wants to be a leader or wants his idea of a leader to be the leader. Otherwise, any other leader must be pulled down and destroyed with political brigandage.

It leads to many people turning into emergency human rights and social rights activists, who unwittingly worsen the precarious plight of the State in the blind pursuits of the selfish ideas in their warped hearts and angry minds . Take for instance, what one Kelechi Gazzaman Okere wrote and foolishly entitled it: “Imo Shame Of The Nation”!

After reading his angry watery verbal ejaculations, we shuddered and felt horrified that if that was the prevalent mindset of the average Imolite, then wahala dey plenty. We wondered whether there was any strength in Imo, if most people were like him!

And we concluded that if Imo State is populated by the kinds of Kelechi Gazzaman Okere, then growth and development of Imo State is threatened by the preponderance of weaklings, lacking in requisite strength!

If Ndimo go to the world wide web (www) of internet to scream that “Imo is the shame of the nation”, who will argue in the contrary? Of o will be underscored by the world as the shame of the nation!

If Imo is the shame of the nation just because the idea of a leader the Kelechi Gazzaman Okeres of Imo world isn’t the governor, who will want to have anything to do with Imo even when his hero or idol ascends the seat of power in the State?

For proper perspective, the said Kelechi Gazzaman Okere wrote the following unedited. Please, note the level of anger in his heart, the abundance of which he spoke:

“Since January 14 2019 when a rapacious cabal and stone age elements of Janjaweed persuation wickedly and ingloriously aborted though temporary the journey of Imo people to the land of political Eldorado under the Rebuild Imo administration,Imo has since that day become the “Shame of the Nation”.

“That demonic judgment removed the best in the political firmament of Imo and strangely put in his stead the very worst of the lot parading as politicians. The state instantly became a laughing stock amongst the states in the federation, shedding of innocent blood, a hitherto unknown situation is now the order of the day as Imo is now the Kandahar of Nigeria, partaking in an unholy ration of bloody meal with states in the terrorist infested northern region of Nigeria.

“In the provision of social amenities,good governance and every other responsibilities of a government,this Supreme Court imposed government led by the notorious “Festac Fraudster” has failed woefully and thus turned the most educationally advanced state in Nigeria to the Shame of the Nation.

“Everything in Imo now happens paradoxically, the state, it’s handlers and their actions and inactions are all in contradiction. The replacement of a well educated man who studied at the prestigious University of Lagos, attended Harvard and Stanford Universities respectively, two of the best Ivy league schools in the United States, an accomplished Media and Public Relations consultant, who rose meritoriously to become the Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives after holding numerous top positions in the House, with a well known “Fraudster of Festac Side”, a “H.N. D holder from FUTO”, a man who has been barred from travelling out of the country due to his pending cases of fraud and forgery, is not only a misnomer but a monumental paradox.

“It is absolutely laughable that a morally bankrupt Willie Amadi ,who is a highly sought after porn lord in the Red light District of Amsterdam, a man whose gross wickedness to his fellow men contributed to the fall of the Ikedi Ohakim government could come up with the insane idea of supporting a candidate in an election that has been concluded is a paradox that can only happen in the Imo of today,the “Shame of the Nation.”

“That Ogu Bundu Nwadike stupidly failed to write himself to wealth in order to give his father a good life but allowed his father to die in abject lack, poverty and penury only to blame the PDP is a paradox.

“That Ogu Bundu eventually swallowed his vomit and joined the notorious “Festac Fraudster’ in a bid to give his late father a befitting burial when he lazily failed to give him a good life is a paradox.

“The task to reclaim and rebuild Imo is set before Imo PDP,we must reclaim.our dear state from the mediocre agents of a rapacious cabal that belongs to the past era of darkness.
Kelechi Gazzaman Okere”

He was reacting to our bringing to the front burner for the reading and information pleasure of our fans and readers, the book “Second Chance” written by Willie Amadi, in which he implied with graphical detail that the PDP and Ihedioha, its candidate in the 2019 governorship election, didn’t win the election as declared by INEC, but were declared winner following high profile negotiations!

The anger of the poor writer, Kelechi Gazzaman Okere, is most palpable. All he wants is for Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha to become Imo governor and nobody else. And according to him, because Ihedioha isn’t governor, Imo State is the shame of the nation! Inukwa!

However, from available evidence, the Kelechi Gazzaman Okeres in Imo State are in the endangered minority. They can only bark like senseless dogs, but they can never bite. To their spite, the greater majority of Ndimo, especially Imo youths, are beginning to see that the missing link is that the strength in Imo hasn’t been discovered.

Imo youths are coming to terms with the truth that there’s no messianic governor. Nobody will do magic as Imo governor to fast forward the journey of Ndimo to the Promised Land of desirable growth and development. The solution lies in the will of the people to accept whoever legally and legitimately sits on the seat of power in the State, while contributing ideas and hardwork towards creating the desired great society of our collective dreams.

In real terms, therefore, it’s the Kelechi Gazzaman Okeres of Imo State that are the shame of Imo State and the nation. Like zombies, they fear to think. With their very angry types, an Igbo man will never qualify to be a president of Nigeria. They’re the biggest shame of Imo State, ala Igbo and the Nigerian nation! Let such agents of stagnation and retardation be ignored as Imo State moves forward and upward!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!

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