Xenophobia: Tony Elumelu Reacts To Attacks In South Africa

Africa is such a beautiful and blessed continent and we Africans are our greatest resource. I’ve always known and felt this. As a young man when we started at Standard Trust Bank, banks were still focused on metropolitan areas but we wanted to give opportunity to everyone and create access to financial services for all around the country. So we left the city and we expanded all over Nigeria. 

The reasons have never changed. I believe in Africa and I believe in Africans. Our greatest threat in Africa is not our fellow African brothers and sisters. It is Poverty! And as I have often said , Poverty anywhere is a threat to all of us everywhere.

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Let’s not lose sight of our shared destiny. It is only together that we can face our common enemy- Poverty. We need to stop attacking each other but rather embrace one another and work together to uplift our continent and be our brother’s and sister’s protectors wherever we may find ourselves. This is the only way to our economic liberation and prosperity.

We must say no to barbarism and savagery. Violently mutilating and killing our brothers & raping our sisters; looting and destroying their livelihoods is evil and un-African and it dehumanizes us all. Instead, we must always seek to elevate, protect and help one another.

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I am disheartened by the videos and stories floating around social media around these xenophobic attacks! They are despicable and pure madness!

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