Yerima Shettima’s War Threats: Ndi-Igbo Is Never Afraid Of War By Ndi-Igbo United Forum Youth Wing

We state that we read that about the ranting of one acclaimed Arewa Youth Leader threatening war and cautioning our Southeast Governors whom we elected. We dismissed it as one of those careless words of a rascal often displayed in makeshift beer parlours. However, following anger amongst our cultured and well organized Youths we now deemed it proper to respond first to calm our Youths and to address the North and governments at all levels about this emerging threat.

  1. Following the unabated dimensional spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Federal and State Governments took far reaching decisions to safeguard lives of her citizens. One of such decision by Northern Governors was to wisely and commendably end the age long Almajiri dynasty and also returning practitioners back to their respective States which has already started.

It’s also a fact that Governor Nasir el Rufai, a front line Northerner vowed never to accept Almajiris that are not from his Kaduna State likewise other Northern Governors.

  1. In the wake of this, we received intelligence that plans were underway to ferry some of these abandoned Northern children to southeast using trucks belonging to Dangote Cement, a company owned by a Northerner. Our Parent body raised the red flag in her publication two weeks ago alerting Ndigbo and Southeast Governors.
  2. Early this week, a viral publication showed that one untamed, myopic, lousy and undesirable element called Yerima Shettima first had the audacity to insult our Southeast Governors, warning them never to stop the migration of Almajiris into Southeast and further threatened war should it happen. This discarded and uncultured Northern son, never confronted their governors that vowed never to accept non indigenes of their respective States.
  3. We must recall that this slightly above human being had in the past made threats against NDIGBO yet the government and security agencies turned blind eyes because he’s a Northerner.
  4. Having convinced ourselves about the conspiracy theories of Northern Governors, Federal government and security agencies that should have arrested and prosecuted him not doing anything, we state as follows:
    a. Shettima, we NDI-IGBO Youths don’t have cowardice veins and blood in our system and so never succumb to threats whether empty or otherwise. You son of North, if you have the capacity as you claimed, we challenge you to declare war on the strength of the human baggages uncovered in Dangote Trucks in Southeast which we have bundled back to North. We all read about the civil war and annihilation of NDI-IGBO but we can’t remain Northern slaves forever. We are ready to confront you and your cohorts on all fronts. This graveyard peace is no longer acceptable to us.
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b. If you fail to declare the war within one week of this publication you and your group should bury your disgusting faces in shame and commit mass suicide.

c. We are putting the Security agencies that failed to act on notice. It’s clear where you belong and no one should blame us if we take the battle to Shettima. We bear the truth blood, courage, boldness and strength of our fathers and forefathers.

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d. We want to overwhelmingly reassure the Southeast Governors and NDI-IGBO that NUF Youths Worldwide are solidly behind you in all your efforts to safeguard us.

Enwero ihe n’eme. Okwu Shettima bu mba a n’abara agu. Count on your Youths through NDI-IGBO UNITED FORUM (NUF) Youth Wing.

Enough is Enough and no more shall any person or group threaten our people and go free. We shall treat ever rascality and bullshit as they present.

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Mazi Nnaemeka Akachukwu
(General Okpongo)

National Youth Leader, NUF.

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