Yes! Dreams Still Come Through: The Story of Kemi

Kemi is a young Nigerian youth, a female, light skinned, tall and very beautiful. She graduated from secondary school with the best result in her school; and also passed her SSCE with 5As, 3Bs, and 1C.
She is loving, caring and of high moral principle, virtue, conduct, ethics and values.

Kemi has always dreamt on becoming a world class neurosurgeon which her mum and dad had always encouraged her about her dreams.
But there was a problem, as at when she finished her SSCE and sat for the West African Examination Council, the family was not financially up-to-date, so couldn’t fly out to study abroad as planned.
Days into weeks and weeks into years, her future and dreams were getting shattered after writing jamb for the third time without been offered admission.

One faithful morning on her way to the bank, she met Mr. Emeka. Mr. Emeka is a civil servant and career counselor, who after getting to know her plight, encouraged her and told her about Travelstart.

Again her dreams were rejuvenated and her hope of becoming a neurosurgeon came back to life.

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She told her parents about Mr. Emeka and about all what he told her; immediately they started working towards it and gave her all the support she needed.

Luckily and as promised by Mr. Emeka, she travelled out to Cambodia, went to study medicine and lived very comfortable.
Right now, Kemi is a neurosurgeon, she graduated as the overall best in the University of Cambodia and was immediately awarded a lecturing job.
Several years has passed, Kemi is doing very fine; she came back during last summer to say hi to her family and Mr. Emeka.

What did Mr. Emeka told Kemi?
How was Kemi’s visa processed in such a short time?
How did he helped her fulfill her dreams?

The answers to these questions are just simple paragraphs away.



Do you want to study abroad?

Or you want to do business abroad? Or probably go for a trip, a holiday, etc?
Travel start will get you covered and just like Kemi, you will smile in soonest!

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In this post, Travelstart unveils some amazing and interesting countries, you, as a Nigerian can travel to, without having a Visa

Visa applications and processing can be stressful and full of hassles sometimes for travel lovers and those looking a quick getaway destination.

Travel can either be impulsive or a surprise trip could also be on the cards for a loved one and you might just be looking for a visa-free travel destination with your Nigerian passport.

Below are some of them:

  • Cambodia
    Bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest; Cambodia offers electronic visas to Nigerians all by contacting the nearest embassy or consulate of Cambodia
  • Seychelles
    The beautiful love child and pride of East Africa; Seychelles is visa on arrival for Nigerians. The country’s visa-free policy gives room for visitors to get 30 days to stay permit which is issued on arrival.
  • Mauritius
    Bilateral ties mean Nigerians are only a flight away from one of the world’s most visited travel destination; Mauritius. A return flight ticket and proof of self self-sustenance during your trip are just all you need to get no less than a 30 days visa on arrival.
  • Ghana
    Ghana – popularly known as the gateway to Africa, Ghana has always opened its gates to Nigerian citizens. Akwabaa means welcome and a valid Nigerian passport holder is always welcomed for up to 90 days in the gold coast with its visa on arrival policy.
  • Cote D’ Ivoire
    The Land of Ivory, just as her name Cote d’ Ivoire implies is visa-free to Nigerians for up to 90 days.
    Popular for its music, beach fronts, African Arts and food, we advise you to take advantage of its ECOWAS status and make that trip.
  • Maldives
  • Comoros
  • Madagascar
  • Uganda
  • Ethiopia
    And lots more
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Just incase people want to travel to the locations, they can use Travelstart

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