You Can’t Cry More Than The Bereaved – PDP To Adinuba

A most ill-conceived publication, full of unprecedented mischief and futile attempt to twist facts titled, No Return Of Gangster Politics In Anambra, was released by the Anambra State Commissioner For Information, C. Don Adinuba. This was coming after his recently released press statement regarding sale of Commissioners’ Quarters and other properties of the state. As if that show of amateurish lies and propaganda was not enough, the commissioner, fast losing substance in matters regarding integrity, has plunged himself deeper into the abyss of shadow-chasing.

Of course, the act of destruction of the stage prepared for the ‘Walk For Wealth’ slated to take place in Nnewi last Saturday was widely condemned by all good people of the state, including the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, who released a statement condemning it in totality just hours after the ugly incident. But Hon Adinuba, in his vain struggles to immerse the PDP into the shark-infested waters of political gangsterism, jumped the gun in haste, completely forgetting that he is neither the APGA spokesperson nor a private stakeholder of the party. In saner climes, he would have realised that he is a commissioner in the state government.

Without investigations and in a rushed frenzy to satisfy his APGA bosses, Adinuba concluded that the stage was destroyed by PDP thugs and even went further to affirm that they were sent by an aspirant of the party in order to disrupt Valentine Ozigbo’s popularity within the area. This is extreme mischief in bucket loads. And clearly crying more than the bereaved, who never insinuated of such internal disruption.

The commissioner raised eyebrows of discerning minds with his quick conclusions that perhaps his APGA party knows much more about that incident than meets the eyes, otherwise they would have paraded the perpetrators to support their very wild claims. After all, they have ‘drones and best security network in Nigeria’ to burst such hastily executed crimes in a matter of minutes.

Like a man chasing shadows, Adinuba was much at home to revisit incidents of over 16 years ago to outline the so-called atrocities of the PDP but his beclouded didn’t permit him the simple sanity of dwelling in the present.

If this man from Ihiala had any sense of remorse he would have been deeply concerned that the government he serves and lies daily for has …

  1. Squandered the N75 billion it inherited from a predecessor, who by the way, is presently the leader of South East PDP.
  2. Plunged the state into unprecedented debt of over N200 billion and going deeper.
  3. Allowed infrastructural decay to engulf the state despite a very smooth path prepared by same predecessor for continuity.
  4. Drove our education back to the dark days from the number one position it inherited from same predecessor.
  5. Engaged in building three antiquated flyovers instead of using the money as designated to complete the Umunya to Amawbia portion of the Onitsha-Enugu expressway, which would have prevented heavy-duty traffic from plying internal state roads and reducing their lifespan.
  6. Allowing kidnapping and general crime to creep back into the state while using mere propaganda to claim falsehood of security excellence.
  7. Wastefully embarking on vainglory-seeking airport project while all state roads have been abandoned to decay to eyesore level.
  8. Abandoning almost all projects inherited from his predecessor even when funds were already set aside for their completion.
  9. Periodically scamming ndi Anambra on the eve of every election with rented construction equipment that disappear once results are announced.
  10. Selling state government-acquired community lands that should have been used for people-oriented development all over the state to cronies without compunction.

How many can one list?

Adinuba should have spent his time worrying why a government. with less than a year of active governance left, would hand over paying salaries as her only achievement in eight years. But it is evident such moral reflection is not part of his resume. In a society where the governor and his wife abandoned their subjects to their faith and took a long COVID-19 Vaccine-chasing vacation, the likes of his Commissioner for Information has degenerated to shadow-chasing as a diversionary tactic.

But ndi Anambra are wiser now. They are evidently very tired of APGA’s incompetence for past seven years. They clearly see the PDP as next option. The likes of Adinuba, in whatever capacity, cannot change the voice of the people.

By Nnamdi Nwangwu
Anambra State PDP Publicity Secretary.

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