Youth Development: Leverage on the positive effects of globalization for Productivity- VC

….as he bags Award of Excellence on Youth mentorship

….Prof. Aremu Commends YNN, Lagos State Government on kind gesture.

By Victor Bieni

LAGOS- The World acclaimed Professor of Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and the Vice Chancellor, Crown University International Chartered inc. ( Americas, Ghana and Partner Campuses Worldwide), Professor Sir, Bashiru Aremu has urged Nigerian Youth to give birth to a new order in the cultural, economic, Scientific, and Socio-political system of country by eliminating the negative effects, but by embracing the positive effects globalization which is the essential character of the age in developmental research.

The World acclaimed Distinguished Professor , Professor Sir Bashiru Aremu disclosed this to some group of Journalists yesterday at the first (1st) National Convention of the Youth For New Nigeria in collaboration with Lagos State Ministry of Youths and Sports Development held at Blue Hall, County Bus- Stop, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, while dwelling on the theme:” Impacting the World by effecting Changes from Nigeria: Through globalization on Nigeria Youths and Economy”.

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The VC who simply defined globalization as bringing the whole world together through the process of communication and advancement in technology which the information gets to Nigeria and other part of the World within a short time.

He added that while dwelling on the subject globalization impact on Nigerian Youths and its impact on the entire World, that the issue which bothers on National Productivity, Science and Technology, Culture, and Economy, which he said helped to liberalize national economics by creating a global market place free from Socio-political control.

Professor Aremu noted that though that there exists the underside of globalization, which he termed bad exposure to Western Culture by Nigerian Youths, and that the internet provides opportunity for the proliferation of cyber crime, popularly refered as “419” Yahoo or Yahoo plus, Pornography, money laundering, International terrorism.

He went further to mention some other social vices which included amongst others: Cultism, Kidnapping, human trafficking, child abuse, drug abuse, uses of charms, arms and amunition, indecent dressing by Women, girls, sagging by Men and boys which is a product of promiscuity, and others which he said has become a global phenomenon amongst Nigerian Youths, he then therefore urged them to refrain from the negative effects of globalization to encourage macro – economic stability in Nigeria.

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The Vice Chancellor, who won an Award of the Youths for New Nigeria (YNN) as most distinguished Youths mentor Nigerian VC of the year 2019/2020, Stated that globalization is a welcome development towards birthing a New Nigeria by the Youths but that it’s positive effects should be embraced for by Nigerian Youths through the preservation of Nigerian, African Culture, promotion of good societal values, and Youth mentorship and empowerment by Governments and stakeholders.

The erudite World Class Professor then counselled on the encouragement of infant industries by Governments, economic diversification, appropriate fisca policy, countering of negative effects of globalization by stakeholders, promotion of education, employment opportunities, wealth creation, Price Stability for 21st century economic, technogical, administrative and realities.

Professor Aremu who is also the present Vice President of West Coast University International Chartered inc., California, USA while Commending the Leadership of Youths for New Nigeria, and Lagos State Government, Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Youths and Sports Development on the kind gesture and honour done to him in that first ever youth summit on Birthing a New Nigeria with a global concept.

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The Vice Chancellor, who who doubled as the World Grand President, International Chartered World Learned Society ( ICWLS) in that occasion vowed that he will not sleep until Nigerian Youths overcome the Challenges of National development, achieved their dreams on sustainable development.

Professor Aremu who currently the best 100 World intellectuals, therefore appealed to Nigerian Leaders, Governments and Stakeholders to make it a first priority by supporting the Youths quest towards the achievement of United Nations Agenda 2030 by building, developing them, trainings, encouraging their God given talents, courageous spirit, mental engagement and creativity for the best impact in every sectors of the nation’s economy and greatest global positive impacts.

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