12 Unreasonable Posts Against Rev. Fr. Mbaka

  1. Was it Buhari or APC who hinted Fr. Mbaka about Abacha death? Who asked him to prophesy about Gen Sani Abacha’s death?
  2. Who leaked about Yardua’s death!? Was that giving to him from statehouse too?
  3. Who told him that Jonathan will become the president of Nigeria from a minority tribe?
  4. How did he got to know that Peter Obi will become governor of Anambra State even when Ngige was announced a winner?
  5. Who leaked about Orji Uzor Kalu’s prison to Mbaka?
  6. Who leaked about God giving twins to adorers last year to the Rev. Father?
  7. Who leaked about Nnamdi Kanu running away from Nigeria?
  8. Who leaked about Ohakim Gubernatorial defeat during his second tenure bid to Fr. Mbaka?
  9. Who leaked about Rangers Fc winning premier league to him?
  10. Who showed Him the Change he saw in December 2014 massage of I see Change!?
  11. Was he told by Jonathan Government that Buhari will win Jonathan!? Who leaked that very important information to Fr. Mbaka!?
  12. Who leaked to him that Jonathan will regret working with many of his aids when he stepped down from power? I pray that God should open your Spiritual eyes to see clearly and abide in His ways. Otherwise, you will deny Christ on His return too.”*

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