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Maxi Banner600X90pxBeside LogoWeekly₦200,000
Maxi Banner600X90pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦150,000
Maxi Banner 600X90pxBeside PagesWeekly₦100,000
Leader Board460X90pxBeside LogoWeekly₦150,000
Leader Board460X90pxInside PagesWeekly₦105,000
Leader Board460X90pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦100,000
Full Banner460X60pxBeside LogoWeekly₦120,000
Full Banner460X60pxInside PagesWeekly₦100,000
Full Banner460X60pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦90,000
Medium Banner260X90pxBeside LogoWeekly₦90,000
Medium Banner260X90pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦80,000
Medium Banner260X90pxInside pagesWeekly₦70,000
Half Banner230X60pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦70,000
Square Board300X300pxSidebarWeekly₦120,000
Square Board300X300pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦90,000
Skyscraper250X600pxUnder EditorialWeekly₦130,000
Skyscraper250X600pxInside PagesWeekly₦120,000
Page Take OverWeekly₦50,000
Sponsored PostLinkBackWeekly₦20,000
Sponsored PostNon-LinkBackWeekly₦20,000
Text Link25 Words MaximumWeekly₦20,000


  1. Adverts that appear concurrently on home and other pages will attract a 25% surcharge on Home Page rate.
  2. Ad copy (Artwork) to be provided by advertisers, saved in JPEG, GIF, PDF or SWF format.
  3. All Adverts must be pre-paid before publication.

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