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Bauchi lawmaker vows to dump APC, urges Nigerians to vote out party

The member representing Bauchi metropolis in the Bauchi state House of Assembly, Alhaji Shehu Abdullahi has declared that nothing will stop him from defecting to another political platform if the All Progressives Congress, APC, insists it held primary elections in the state.

This was as he pointed out that the nation’s democracy was facing serious threat under the APC-led administration.

 Abdullahi stated that APC is a disappointment to its supporters in view of the alleged injustice and imposition of candidates where primary elections did not hold.

He said, “Nothing will stop me and thousands of my supporters from dumping the APC following the injustice meted to me in my bid to re-contest for my seat in 2019, because no primary election was held yet the party declared a preferred person as candidate.”

The lawmaker threatened that if the party failed to address and rescind its declaration on the primary, it will not escape the wrath of his supporters at the 2019 polls.

His words, “There is no way myself and other aggrieved APC aspirants will support the party in 2019 if nothing is done to conduct a fresh primary election in Bauchi state because what happened was a coup not election, and we are against such undemocratic move.”

Abdullahi maintained that APC should learn a serious lesson from how the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was ousted from power in 2015 election to avoid being disgraced as a result of anti-people activities.

“We will make sure APC is ousted in 2019 even if it means our supporters engage in party activities during 2019 election, as a measure to retaliate the injustice done to us,” he fumed.

The lawmaker reiterated that democracy was under threat, and urged Nigerians irrespective of diversities to vote out the APC during the 2019 elections.

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