2019 General Election: 17 Ways On How To Spot An Irresponsible Candidate

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Whether a presidential aspirant, Senator, Rep, Governor, State honorable, Local govt chairperson or even Counselors. That candidate is irresponsible and does not deserve your vote if he or she:

1. Is not people oriented: has no website, no pulic profile where you can directly contact them for enquiry and questioning and is not ready to grant jornalists interviews, except for selected ones

2. Focuses too much on opposition rather than layout his or her intended plan if elected and explanation to convince Nigerian on what implementation measures will be involved.

3. Shy away from debates: running away from debate either mean that the candidate has nothing honest to offer Nigerian or is too proud and feels that Nigerian are cheap and do not need to be communicated to in an honorable manner

4. Joined a protest while holding a political position and does not use his status to influence that change current at his level of capacity (playing the victim card).

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E.g One senetor like that and another former governor were in the past joined a group of protesting workers. One topmost leader at the senate also wrote on his twitter account about how nigerians are suffering while he can easily use his office to influence a change.

5. Have active accounts in foreign banks </b>: this action in the first place is a disqualification for holding political post in Nigeria.

[b] 6. Has been conficted of currupt acts and has too many scandals : Don’t be decieved that he or she will change. You are propably presently under his or her deceptive spell if you look forward to cast your vote for such individual.

7. Disobeys the rule of law which is a corrupt act. Rule of law is a guide put there to prevent jungle justice and to allow order. If a present or past political position holder thinks he has integrity than the rule of laws and court injuctions and have one or two times disobeyed it, he is not worth your vote.

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8. Surrounds him or herself with thiefs If he or she claims to be a transformed person or even “intergrity personified” but goes around with and party with theifs, he is also a thief “Show me your friend…” they say.

9. Has no personer business, neither is he or she a formal civil servant (a political Jobber): If he has no track record of successful and transformational leadership but just a political jobber, he is not worth your vote.

10. Has failed in the past : be sure he will do worse now if elected or re-elected. People don’t realy change…

11. Formal or current post holders with no legacy If he does not leave a pin-point legacy during past or curent post held, he cannot do that when elected or re-elected.

12. Has too many foreign investment and does not care much to invest in Nigeria. Children are educated abroad, houses in abroad e.t.c

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13. Do not belief in improved Nigeria but rather prefer to shop abroad for health care, both for self and family members, children’s education, e.t.c

14. Is not a reader, neither self development enthusiast and claims ignorant of many things : Do not expect “illiterates in mind” to lead us to any betterment in the country. If he or she does not have time to improve his mind, he or she will not be able to with a country as big as Nigeria.

15. Owes worker during present or past office held: owing of workers is a sign of lack of empathy and inhumanity, no matter what the excuse is.

17. He/she is too sure about winning the election whether people vote or not. No candidate or party can be sure about election result except their is a plan to rig the election.

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