2019 Poll: Top Political Party Candidates In Anambra State In Poster War

By Ogbuefi Harris Chuma

Sadly, the aftermath of the failed Febraury 16 polls’ date has set many aggrieved politicians in Anambra against each other. But the good news is that, currently, no blood is rolling down the gutters, instead most candidates’ foot soildiers and wired brains have resumed what I termed ‘poster war’ on the nooks,crannies and streets of Anambra. The latest development may not be unconnected with the attendant frustrations playing out after the wasteful massive mobilizations carried out last friday ahead of the aborted shindig.

By now, ill-prepared and noisy candiadtes parading our streets should have realised that they are on thier way out of the race. Last week,those who could’nt reach out properly to thier foot soldiers were quite lucky, and grateful to the INEC boss for saving them the deadly hammer. It could have been suicidal, and off the cloud. Time was evident, that most structures presumed to have been programmed and in absolute control of the noisy and mouthed candidates were discretely dismantled and deployed to the benefits of the silent achievers, the peoples chioce candidates, as it were.

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In Anambra Central, Sen. Victor Umeh’s ability to dismantle and decapitate his closest rival Sen Uche Ekwunife’s structure saw the later in last minute effort to regain the lost political empire. same scenario is currently playing out loudly in Anambra South where the oil magnet and political bull cranky headed Ifeanyi Ubah has successfully relegated his rivalries to the background. Ifeanyi Ubah sprang from the tatters after recovering from a painful divorce with APGA, and catapulted himself to stardom, picking up a relatively unknown political party YPP and made it a house hold name overnight. It was also, very astonishing that the bull headed never-say-die senatorial topshot rolled the redcarpet off the feet of his former political allies, instituted his brand,over blown his newest ‘open door’ logo in the media and on the streets of Anambra and took over the existing political structures in the area. what is not clear at the moment is the amount of APGA’s reminants in the constituency as every notable stakeholder,youths and women have virtually relocated to Ifeanyi Ubah’s palace.

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Obviously, men of valour are not happy in Anambra South, Ifeanyi Ubah must explain to all how he became the new political Don Dada, they querried, and, since, no one seems readily available to attend to the augean times, the battle of the Dons ensued. As I pen, Ifeanyi Ubah billboards, posters,handbills,face caps, vests, campaign vehicles, footballs, musical instruments are been attacked left right and center by the opposition. Soon, if the ugly trend is not nibbed in the bud, Ifeanyi Ubah ladies will not walk the streets clanned in Ifeanyi Ubah sexy t-shirts.(hehehehehe)

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Rewind to Anambra Central, Sen. Victor Umeh’s billboards, posters and other campaign materials are been raped by street urchins sponsored by bound-to- fail opposition Big Mama. The poster war should not be mistaken for bravery on the side of the perpetrators, but cowardice of the bombom level.

On the other side of the divide, Anambra North is not left out in the poster war, it is squarely between Sen.Stella Oduah and my very good friend Dr. Chinedu Emeka, both have concluded not to join issues until Feb 23, mgbe ahu amaluzia onye ma ara ihe orira ofuma! so, keep a date with ndia na ndia.

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