2021: Dr Godwin Maduka’s Intent Policy On Education, The Desire Of Anambra People

By Samuel Emeka

The programme on education under Dr. Godwin Maduka’s stewardship will ensure that no Anambra child is left behind.

Anambra State Government under his leadership will provide quality education from primary school to post secondary school.

The Anambra State education programme under the watch of Dr. Godwin Maduka will be driven by a determination to train Anambra people to be skilled and competitive both nationally and globally through the adoption of the use of modern pedagogical(teaching) methods including ICT and multi-media platforms.

• To train our youths in science, engineering, finance, commerce, entrepreneurship, management information and communication technology that will lead the state’s drive for prosperity and economic development;

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• To go beyond the cosmetic painting of classroom blocks and ensure adequate provision of chairs and tables and relevant learning materials in both primary and secondary schools. He will also encourage the development of sports and libraries.

• He will motivate teachers through proper remuneration, prompt payment of salaries and emoluments and continued training and re-training.

• He will encourage the interest of students in science and technology and reward outstanding students with full scholarship.

• He will ensure the availability of science laboratories in all Senior Secondary Schools in the state.

• He will support teachers in their quest to up-grade themselves to ensure high standards in the education sector.

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• He will lay emphasis on technical and vocational training so as to improve on the skills and entrepreneurial development of school leavers. Appropriate incentives will be offered to attract students to technical and vocational training in a bid to discourage the over-dependence on tertiary education.

• He will re-activate and provide contemporary facilities, equipment and teaching aids to all existing Technical Schools in the state.

• Improve on the technical training centres; integrated with skill acquisition, cottage agro-processing and other related small-scale production outfits across the state for the training of the relevant technical and skilled manpower, to drive all aspects of our economic policies.

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• To make ICT and entrepreneurship compulsory components of our policy at all levels of our educational system.

• To provide all government secondary schools with computer laboratories.

•He will be committed to raising education standards and achievements in schools through a rigorous quality inspection, monitoring and support regime.

Indeed, in Dr. Godwin Maduka, Anambra state will be creating a name for herself among the comity of states in Nigeria.

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