2021: Dr Godwin Maduka’s Transformation Leadership For Ndi Anambra

Dr Godwin Maduka

By Chinemelu Franklin

Canada is one of the finest countries in the world and described as a safe haven. It’s a country that attracts the best of professionals around the world. Indeed one would not hesitate to initiate a relocation conversation at any given opportunity.

The narratives about the aesthetics of the country often times compel me to reconsider my decision of staying home and effecting positive change. Sometimes in my quiet moments, I usually place Nigeria side by side with other first class nations and try to identify major differences between our dear country Nigeria and those first class nations like Canada, United States and Uk.

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I discovered two things:
1) They have a functional system and this we lack in Nigeria and Anambra State is no exception.

2)They recognize hard work, competence and merit as the basis for leadership qualification. These we also lack as a nation.
No wonder Canadian Government appointed Kaycee Madu, a Nigerian from Mbaise the new Minister of Justice.

Let us embrace competence and merit as basis for leadership qualification in Nigeria and by extension Anambra State.

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These are qualities we need in electing a new Governor in Anambra State and Dr Godwin Maduka is an embodiment of these qualities.

Please let us put aside sentiments and support Dr Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba) for his antecedents is unmatched.

Dr Maduka will definitely make Anambra State the envy of others just like Canada by ensuring security of lives and property, good governance, medical tourism, reduction of maternal and child mortality, free and standard education among others

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