How my dad came to our house to die after abandoning us – Terry Apala

How my dad came to our house to die after abandoning us - Terry Apala

Terry Apala, a Nigerian musician, had recently opened up about a deeply personal and haunting experience in his life.

Terry Apala shared the story of how his dad deserted their family, only to return years later, on the brink of death.

He stated that his dad was not a part of his life, emphasizing on how his father abandoned them and died in their home the day he paid them a visit.

The singer revealed this to media personality Chude Jideonwo in an open interview.

He said:

“My dad was not there [for me]. He was not there. He was just somewhere, living his life. I have no relationship with him at all.

“I left my dad in 1990 and the day I saw my dad was the day he was dying. He came all the way from Apapa to our house in Mushin. He was strong and healthy. He asked after my mum and I told him she wasn’t around. I called my mum and informed her that my dad was around and she told me to ask him to leave. I told my dad what my mum said but he insisted that he would wait till she came back. Because my other siblings heard he was around, they couldn’t come home that night.

“So, it was just me, my dad, and our lastborn, Obi. We slept together. He slept on the bed with my junior brother. I think he was throwing up when I woke up. It was very touching. Even though I didn’t really feel bad because this man was not there, but, you know, you go pity person wey don die. So, that was the day I saw my dad last. From our house to mortuary.

“I think he knew that he was going to die because we didn’t see him for like 15 to 17 years and suddenly, he came and rested in our house and went straight to mortuary.”

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One Comment to “How my dad came to our house to die after abandoning us – Terry Apala”

  1. Thanks for sharing this post.
    It is a serious matter to note that children, even as they grow ip to become adults are blinded from reflecting on what will make a man, their father just suddenly abandon them to their mother. Very shocking indeed, but tells the minds configuration in the hands of the person who has control. In the case of family, this is usually the mother. If anyone can make this post reach Tony Apala, you need to tell him to ask his mother.
    1. Was there a time his father actually loved her.
    2. If answer from her is no ( which is expected now), he should ask, ” what made her then even accept the man in the first place? You will notice contradictions popping out.
    3. If answer was yes, next question will be, where did it all fall apart. What was her contribution to breakdown or is it suddenly the case of mans split personality? Certainly not.
    4. Perhaps the mothers rejection of father, and his being denied of contact with children, drive him to commit suicide and the best place to do do is her home. He could have calculated it all, taken the poison and came there to do so and die.

    This Terry Apala should borrow some sense, or else go the way of his papa.

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