Why Nigerians don’t trust APC, PDP, other parties – Akpabio

President of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, says there is a deep and long history of mistrust between Nigerians and political parties.

The number three citizens disclosed that the lack of accountability and impunity is why Nigerians do not trust political parties.

Akpabio, however, noted that repositioning the parties would help restore public trust and confidence in them.

The Senate President, represented by Anambra Central Senator, Victor Umeh, spoke at an event organised by the Kukah Centre in Abuja, where he insisted that political parties have helped in deepening Nigeria’s policies and governance.

He said political parties have created avenues for Nigerians to get involve in the democratic process, noting that it would be careless of Nigerians not to acknowledge the issues that have characterised the country’s democratic culture.

“These issues have led to a decrease in public trust and confidence in political parties.

“It is disheartening to witness citizens’ disenchantment with the very institutions that should represent their interests and safeguard their democratic rights.”

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One Comment to “Why Nigerians don’t trust APC, PDP, other parties – Akpabio”

  1. The hatred or apathy will continue so long that those political criminals do not want to stop shortchanging the citizenry. A case where a senator will be going on a short recess and the leadership will transfer over #30 million to his or account as allowance will increase the blood pressure of the suffering masses. I have even vowed not to partake in any future electoral process again as a result of INEC’s reality in rigging elections here

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