Ondo: Tinubu must invoke ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ to resolve crisis – Edwin Clark

Edwin Clark, the convener of the Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), has weighed in on the unfolding political crisis in Ondo State.

Clark admonished President Bola Tinubu to invoke the doctrine of necessity in addressing the troubling the crisis in the State.

The doctrine of necessity means “that which is otherwise not lawful is made lawful by necessity”.

The doctrine was invoked in 2010 during political crisis that engulfed the nation when the national assembly passed a resolution making the then Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan the acting president, after late President Umaru Yar’Adua was unable to officially hand over power to him before leaving the country as a result of ill-health.

In a letter to Tinubu on Sunday, Clark commended the president for intervening in the situation in the state, but added that it was imperative to act fast because the crisis was creating much tension and things were exacerbating rather than abating.

“We are again faced with a constitutional debacle. First of all, I wish to thank Mr President for your intervention in the Ondo state crisis, both as president of the country and as leader of your political party, the APC, in the manner you handled the matter,” he said.

“Your excellency attempted to be fair and just to all parties concerned, viz, the legislature, the executive and the entire Ondo people, at the end of the marathon meeting you held with them.

“Mr. President, I think there is a need to act fast because we have seen that despite your good intentions, the crisis is brewing much tension rather than abating. Like I stated earlier, this matter is building up tension. It is, therefore, my opinion that Mr. President as leader of his ruling APC political party may want to amend his earlier terms of settlement.

“Let me add that beyond any constitutional provision and the leadership of your political party, the APC, it is your excellency’s moral obligation as the father of the country to use your good office to intervene and resolve all manners of political crises around the country.

“Mr. President, I wish to state that we have enough insecurity in the country which has largely stretched our security forces. This is why you must urgently and firmly act in the current situation in Ondo state, under a doctrine of necessity. And if I may add, also in Rivers state, for which I will be addressing a separate letter to you in the next few days.”

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