Climate Change: Transition from fossil fuels won’t be easy – Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu has said that transition from fossil fuels would not be easy because they are the mainstay of the nation’s economy. This came as he said that African countries, including Nigeria, would need partnerships for a new green economy, emphasising the efforts against climate change would only be successful through a cooperative approach.

The President in an OP-ED article for CNN said Nigeria was aggressively pursuing the exploitation of the nation’s abundant wind and solar resources.

“While in Berlin last month at the G20 Summit, I announced Nigeria’s commitment to develop blue and green hydrogen capacity for international export. In conversations with Middle Eastern oil producers, I also solidified this commitment.

“We now seek to mobilise private capital with support from initiatives like the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative and the new US and EU global infrastructure programmes,” he said.
He also said the European Union’s Global Gateway programme and the US Government’s Build Back Better World initiative were potential resources Nigeria was seeking to explore in its efforts to transition to cleaner energy.

“We are also looking to diversify our economy by engaging in friendly competition with Russia in the supply of energy to European markets. We can do it with natural gas and through green energy. This is why we are investing massively in both.

“Batteries for hire could help Nigerians ditch their generators. But the time for watching and waiting is over. Developed nations

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