“I Was A Tailor Before Venturing Into Skit Making” – Comedian Carter Efe

Oderhwo Joseph Efe, popularly known as Carter Efe, a notable Nigerian comedian and musician, has revealed that before becoming famous, he worked as a tailor.

The comedian revealed that it wasn’t like an unusual transition, but like a natural progression fueled by his passion and what he already has inside him.He claimed that his lifelong appreciation of art inspired him to learn tailoring at some point.

During a recent appearance on the Hip TV program Trending, which is hosted by reality star KimOprah, Carter Efe said:

“I have been funny since birth.” Since I was in high school, I’ve been performing stand-up comedy.

During breaks, I would simply stand in front of the class and begin making everyone laugh.“I was a london tailor, ‘Obioma’, before I ventured into skit making. I love art. For example, I edit my skits by myself.

I told my dad one day that I wanted to learn tailoring. He said what of my education and I insisted that I want to learn tailoring because I love creativity. I didn’t even spend up to six months before learning how to sew.“When I was learning tailoring, sometimes I would lie to my boss that I was sick and go to shoot a skit. Then I will come back in the afternoon.

He still punished me. He would tell me to kneel. I would kneel till the end of the day.“Until one day, Broda Shaggi posted a challenge on Instagram: he said everybody should vibe to a song. Back then I was in Delta State.

I said let me just vibe to it and I vibed to the song then I came out first. I won PS5.“Shaggi said I should come to Lagos to receive my prize. When I collected the PS5, I sold it for about N300,000. Then I decided to stay back in Lagos. I was using the N300,000 for transport fares to go to locations to shoot my skit. I was staying with one of my friends then.”

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