10 Lies Of Minister Of The Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike

  1. “Godfatherism is terrible, once I’m done with my second tenure, I’ll leave the reins of government to my successor. Rivers State is not Lagos.”
    Pure lies. He’s presently trying to establish a dynasty in Rivers state.
  2. “I will never run for president.”
    He has contested and failed.
  3. “I will never lobby to be vice president.”
    He did and lost.
  4. “I will never work against my party, the PDP.”
    He did, even worse than the opposition party.
  5. “I will never lobby to be minister.”
    He lobbied and celebrated the appointment with so much glee.
  6. “I will never control my predecessor.”
    He is not only fighting to control, but he also wants 80% of Rivers state
    monthly allocation.
  7. “I’ll never go against the will of the Rivers people.”
    He did during th February 25th elections by rigging the polls in favor of the APC.
  8. “I will never join the APC. It is a cancer party. PDP made me everything I am today.”
    He is now lobbying to defect with his political stooges who will first go to wet the ground for him to come.
  9. “Anybody the party chooses to be presidential candidate in this primaries, I’ll wholeheartedly support the person.”
    Lies, all lies! He has been fighting Alhaji @Atiku since he lost the presidential primaries to him.
  10. The newest soundtrack is “On your mandate, I will stand. “Tinubu, on your mandate, I will stand!”
    Before 2026 he will tell Tinubu that South-South has not completed their tenure. “I will run.”
    We all know that he will.

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