Outstanding Female Lawyer, Amaka Ezeno To Be Honored As The Most Inspiring Woman Of The Year

In a remarkable achievement, Amaka Ezeno, a highly respected female lawyer with practice in Awka, Anambra State, is set to receive the Most Inspiring Woman of the Year award at AMTY Awards event.

Ezeno, the Principal Partner and founder of THE LAW ZOOMERS, boasts of an impressive 24 years of private legal practice experience.

Ezeno’s legal career began as the Managing Counsel of various law firms before she established her own firm, Amaka Ezeno & Co., which eventually transformed into the highly successful partnership known as THE LAW ZOOMERS. The law firm today boasts of about 13 lawyers, 3 of whom are already partners and others are Associates. It’s equally a practice that has produced more than 35 Alumni (pupils) who passed through the firm and are now doing very well as law firm owners, Magistrates and managing solicitors in other firms. This esteemed firm has equally secured legal retainership with numerous institutions, including the renowned Nnamdi Azikiwe University, as well as various organizations, companies, and individuals both within Nigeria and abroad.

Graduating from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, and the Nigerian Law School, Abuja, Ezeno was officially called to the Nigerian Bar in September 1999. She is also a proud member of the Association of Professional Negotiators and Mediators, as well as a member and facilitator of the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitration. In 2011, she was appointed a Notary Public by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
Throughout her career, Ezeno has been the recipient of numerous accolades. She also made history as the first female lawyer to serve as the Chairman of a branch of the Nigerian Bar Association in Anambra State. Alongside her legal pursuits, Ezeno is a woman of many parts. She’s into other activities like extensive reading, research, writing, mentoring, scrabble, jogging, and spending quality time with her family. Ezeno’s family background is rooted in the town of Nnewi, in Anambra State. She was born into the loving family of Pa Hyacinth Nkanyichukwu Muoka and Ma Winifred Muoka, from Uruagu Village. Happily married to Dr. Patrick Ezeno, the couple is blessed with seven highly talented and remarkable children.
Moreover, Ezeno currently serves as the Chairperson of the Women Forum of the Eastern Bar Association, which includes nine states. Her commitment to the legal profession is evident through her active participation in various committees at both the national and branch levels of the Nigerian Bar Association.
The cerebral lawyer has initiated an annual Christmas event called “Geenti” for female lawyers, held in the pavilion of her law firm. This event serves as one of her mentorship programs and promotes camaraderie and personal growth amongst female legal professionals. The name “Geenti” derives from the Igbo language, further showcasing Ezeno’s appreciation for her cultural heritage.
As Amaka Ezeno continues to pave the way for aspiring female lawyers, her exceptional achievements in the legal field continue to inspire and motivate women across Nigeria. For a profession that is largely dominated by the male gender, it’s crystal clear that Amaka is taking giant strides, daring courageously and passionately in the deep waters of the legal profession and in so doing opening several doors for upcoming female lawyers. Amaka’s knack for mentorship cannot be over emphasized, she believes that in life you must be intentional with everything and plan to details.
Her book “Tightening the nuts and Bolts of legal practice and law firm management” describes Amaka’s deep passion for leaving a legacy in the legal profession. Her dedication to the profession, extensive experience, and numerous accomplishments have rightfully earned her the title of Most Inspiring Woman of the Year. Amaka is an inspiration in every sense of the word!

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