I Wanted To Be Musician, Not Politician – Gov Adeleke

Osun State governor Ademola Adeleke opened up about his secret passion for music, expressing that he would have pursued a musical career rather than entered politics if not for his father’s dissuasion.

Known as the ‘Dancing Governor’ for his exuberant dance moves that frequently captivate social media audiences, Adeleke is not your typical politician. Despite criticism during his governorship campaign for his lively demeanour, supporters argued that his approachability set him apart.

In an exclusive interview on ARISE TV, the 63-year-old shared his childhood dreams, stating, “Actually, I was supposed to be a musician right away. But my father, back in the sixties, discouraged it. Education was their priority, not music. However, the talent persisted and passed on to my nephew and son.”

Adeleke, uncle to Nigerian music sensation Davido, reflected on his musical inclination, revealing, “If you play music now, I don’t know how, I would just start dancing. My body would just start moving without knowing it.”

The turning point came during his time in America in 1981, attending Jacksonville State University in Alabama. Participating in the school’s anniversary celebration, Adeleke seized the opportunity to showcase his dancing prowess. To his surprise, he emerged victorious, earning the moniker ‘Jackson’ from the school president, inspired by the reigning Michael Jackson at the time.

This revelation sheds light on the multifaceted persona of Governor Adeleke, proving that behind the political facade lies a musical spirit yearning for expression. As the ‘Dancing Governor’ continues to sway to his unique rhythm, it remains to be seen how this revelation will resonate with the public and shape the perception of a leader who dares to dance to a different tune.

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