Many Catholics Pray With The Rosary But Only Few Of Them Actually Get The Needed Results – Mbaka

Reverend Father Mbaka, a notable figure in the Catholic faith, underscored the transformative and spiritual importance of the rosary prayer, describing it as both a revelation and a potent spiritual tool. In a recent statement, he shared the profound influence the rosary has exerted on the lives of Catholic believers when approached with sincere humility, attentiveness, and devotion, following divine guidance.

He went on to express that while many Catholics engage in rosary prayers, only a small percentage truly experiences the desired outcomes. Emphasizing the significance of the holy rosary prayers, he highlighted its potency as a powerful means of effortlessly obtaining various graces and favors from God, facilitated through the influential intercession of Mother Mary.

According to him, “The rosary prayer is a revelation and a spiritual weapon that has now become one of the richest traditional prayers of the Catholic faithful’s. It is known to have transformed many lives spiritually and physically especially when it is prayed with modesty, attention and devotion by divine direction. Many Catholics pray with the rosary but only few of them actually get the needed results because they pray it without faith or devotion, only to fulfill their prayer obligation. The holy rosary prayers is a powerful means of obtaining different grace and favours from God easily through the powerful intercession of our mother Mary. It becomes very effective for those who can spiritually contemplate on each or any of the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries that are attached to each of the decades.”

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