Aisha Yesufu slams Buhari over comment on fuel price hike

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Aisha Yesufu, a well-known social-political activist, has strongly criticized former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari, who is currently in his hometown of Daura in Katsina State, drew the ire of Yesufu after a video of him jokingly saying he was glad that fuel prices had been increased, as it reduced the number of people who visited him at home, went viral.

Speaking at a gathering, the former President made the comment that has caused widespread anger among Nigerians who believe that Buhari’s administration is responsible for the current economic hardships in the country.

Aisha, in her response to the video, pointed out that Buhari lacks empathy and emotional intelligence.

“If selfish and self centered were people they would both be Buhari,” she wrote on X.

“Zero empathy. Zero emotional intelligence.

“There were people laughing at this cruelty to the people.

“If they can afford what about those who can’t and their lives are in difficulties?”

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