Bride breaks down in tears as groom’s father offers her N7.1m to leave his son on wedding day

A bride was confronted with an unexpected proposition on her wedding day, as her father-in-law shockingly offered her a substantial sum of money (N7.1m) to leave their son.

According to reports from The Mirror, the groom’s family believes the bride is not good enough for their son and had hopes that their son would find “someone better.”

This led to a controversial proposition that shook up the wedding ceremony.

According to a guest at the event, there was a long-standing feud between the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the groom’s mother, which intensified during the wedding ceremony.

The groom’s mother reportedly harboured reservations about the bride, deeming her unfit for her son.

Despite the strained relationships before the wedding, the couple invited both sets of parents, hoping to foster unity on their special day.

However, the celebration took a dramatic turn during a dance between the bride and the groom’s father.

This caused the bride to suddenly leave the dance floor.

It was then revealed that the groom’s father had made a shocking proposition to the bride, telling her to accept $5,000 (N7,187,125) and exit their son’s life.

Despite the shock, the bride’s husband reportedly stood by her, choosing to cut ties with his parents and start a new life with his chosen partner.

Now, 30 years later, the couple is still happily married, having weathered the storm and raised two children together, though they remain estranged from the groom’s family.

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