Ghanaian man who attempted Stand-a-thon ends it just hours after

20240115 104650

Ghanaian decent, Patrick Amenuvor, ditch his attempt to break his long streak of standing due to unforeseen circumstance.

Earlier today, it went viral about his the Kickstart of his Record breaking attempt but was cut short for some reasons outlined below;

“We regret to inform you that the continuation of the Stand-A-Thon has encountered insurmountable challenges, necessitating an official halt. The following reasons underscore this decision:

  1. Unforeseen electrical outages and technical complications disrupted the event during the specified period.
  2. In adherence to the principles of integrity and fair play, we hereby disclose our intention to cease the OFFICIAL STAND-A-THON attempt. This decision stems from the acknowledgment of rule violations that could compromise the pursuit of breaking the record.

In light of these developments, a comprehensive review by management is imperative. We aim to rectify any oversights and prevent future errors that may impede subsequent attempts.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all who have steadfastly stood by us throughout this endeavor.


P.Amenuver Management”

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