Gov. Peter Mbah Vows to Intensify Efforts in Tackling Insecurity in Enugu State

By Hon. Theophilus Nnaemeka Mbah

Gov. Peter Mba’s commitment to eradicating insecurity and revitalizing business activities in Enugu State, Governor Peter Mbah was recently awarded the prestigious Governor of the Year 2023 by the New Telegraph. This accolade has spurred Governor Mbah to pledge even greater efforts in subduing insecurity and ensuring the safety and prosperity of the state.

Governor Peter Mbah expressed his gratitude to the national newspaper, acknowledging that their recognition has shed light on his administration’s e-governance initiatives and job creation efforts for the youth. He emphasized that these holistic approaches are crucial in combatting insecurity and presenting Enugu State as a shining example to the rest of the world.

The New Telegraph staff members were deeply appreciative of the governor’s acknowledgment and expressed their pleasure in serving as the fourth estate of the government. They commended Governor Mbah for his dedication and courage in leading the state towards progress.

During the award ceremony, Governor Peter Mbah made a promise to the people of Enugu State. He vowed to accelerate the development of security infrastructure in the state, ensuring that Enugu becomes a force to be reckoned with in Nigeria. Inspired by the recognition bestowed upon him by the New Telegraph, Governor Mbah affirmed his determination to work even harder for the welfare of the people of Enugu State.

Governor Peter Mbah shared this overwhelming news with the citizens of Enugu State through his official social media account. He expressed his pride in the recognition of his administration’s efforts and e-governance leadership, highlighting the positive impact they have made on the state.

The people of Enugu State joined in praising Governor Peter Mbah for his commitment to their safety and prosperity. They also extended their gratitude to the editorial board of the New Telegraph for acknowledging Governor Mbah’s paramount worthiness of the prestigious award. This recognition will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark in the history of Enugu State.

As Governor Peter Mbah continues to lead with dedication and courage, the people of Enugu State can rest assured that their security and well-being remain his top priorities. With the support of the New Telegraph and the support of the citizens, Enugu State is poised to reach new heights of progress.

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