Ohanaeze Urges President Tinubu To Drop Treason Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu

Tinubu, Nnamdi Kanu

As the impending trial of IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu on Terrorism Charges commences on Monday, 26th February 2024, OHANAEZE NDIGBO vehemently advocates for the immediate dismissal of these charges, mirroring the commendable action taken by the Federal Government in dropping the treasonable felony charge against Yoruba activist Omoyere Sowore. President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to Nigeria’s healing process must encompass fairness and impartiality.

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organization commends the decision to void the charges against Sowore, emphasizing the necessity for equitable treatment under the law. It is imperative that justice is dispensed uniformly, without prejudice or favoritism. OHANAEZE NDIGBO implores President Tinubu to extend this same precedent to Nnamdi Kanu without hesitation or delay.

Nigerians, most notably the Ndigbo community, fervently urge President Tinubu to direct the Attorney General of the Federation, Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), to halt Kanu’s trial and withdraw all associated charges, invoking Sections 174(1)(c) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Section 107(1) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015, akin to the action taken in the Sowore case. Consistency and equality before the law are fundamental principles of a just society.

OHANAEZE NDIGBO asserts that the liberation of Nnamdi Kanu is imperative for national reconciliation and stability. By aligning the legal treatment with the highest standards of fairness, President Tinubu can significantly promote unity and harmony in the nation. The importance of this decision transcends mere legalities; it underscores a commitment to rectifying historical injustices and fostering a climate of inclusivity.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, the Secretary General of OHANAEZE NDIGBO, affirms that undisclosed diplomatic channels are being utilized to advocate for Kanu’s freedom, recognizing the political nuances at play. It is incumbent upon President Tinubu to heed this impassioned appeal, as dropping the charges against Kanu signifies a crucial step towards healing the wounds of the past and ushering in a new era of justice and reconciliation.

OHANAEZE NDIGBO stands resolute in its call for fairness and equity in the legal system, emphasizing that the liberation of Nnamdi Kanu represents a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s quest for genuine unity and progress.

Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro

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