Okuama Massacre: Military Authorities Beam Search Light on wanted leader of killer gang to – Douye Diri

Douye Diri

As Southern Ijaw LGA boss Declared Wanted A long Bayelsa Waterways Security Chair.


The Defence Headquarters has launched a probe to unravel the link between Bayelsa Governor, Douyi Diri and the wanted killer gang that murdered 16 officers and soldiers in Okuama, Ughelli South of Delta State on Thursday, Endurance Okodeh , a.k.a. Amanghem.

Intelligence reports has also confirmed that Bayelsa Governor was coordinating the harbouring of Amanghem by the Governor at government house..

Impeccable security sources said the military has established a link between the Bayelsa Governor and the suspected killer of the soldiers.

The suspect, an extraction from igbomoturu community in southern ijaw local government area of Bayelsa state is a known bunkerer was recognized to have political alliance with the Governor.

He was said to be widely recognised as a political ally of Governor Douye Diri.

On a tip off, military authorities have had reliable information on Amanghem, the leader of the gang , that carried out the dastardly murder of 16 officers of the 181 Battalion of the army who were on a peace keeping missions in Okuama on Thursday.

The mother who hailed from Okuama, a community in Urhobos in Delta state as speculations confirmed he fled to his paternal community in Bayelsa State after the raid on Sunday of igbomoturu community by troops in search of the wanted kingpin.

It was gathered through intelligence gathering by military chiefs probing the fate of the falling soldiers that Amangben headed the team of political thugs, who supported and delivered Governor Douye Diri in the last gubernatorial election in Bayelsa state.

Reliable military sources probing the late military men and officers said Amanghem led the team of political thugs who delivered the victory of Bayelsa governor in the last election in November 11 governorship election.

Conversely, the military are working on the information that Bayelsa governor provided a cover at Government House , Yenegoa as safe haven for the culprit and member of his gang evading arrest and justice.

Sources within the intelligence circles inundated that the military arrived in summary as a result of sunday’s futile outcome of the raid of igbomoturu community,a harbor bay for the culprit and his fleeing cohorts.

One reliable source, “Since the MIlitary has come to the conclusion that Endurance Okodeh, alias Amangben, led his group to kill the soldiers, the best place to look for him is the Government House.”

“Amangben’s benefactor, Governor
Douye Diri, might have provided the Government House for him to hibernate in order to evade arrest by the troops searching for him.”

“Governor Douye Diri may consider the current travails of Amangben as affording him the best opportunity to help the boy who has been there for him in his political journey. Amangben has backed Douye Diri in all his political carreer.”

“Amangben in particular played pivotal roles in the re-election of Governor Douye Diri in the last gubernatorial election by heading the private security squad, which reigned terrors on the opposition elements, killing and maiming them in desperation to ensure Douye Diri wins at all costs.”

“There is a like likehood that Amangben and members of his gang are being sustained in the Government House, Yenagoa,” the source stated.

Again, the military authorities simultaneously are on the trail of the chairman of Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa state, Mr Lucky Okodeh and Chairman of the state waterways committee, Mr Weris Tike due to their relationship with Amanghem.

The council boss is a sibling to Amangben while Tike is an ally of the suspected killer.

The military are working on the permutations that the council boss and Tike were in the best position to help with information that could lead to the arrest of the prime suspect in the murder of the soldiers.

Consequently, the Bayelsa council chairman and Tike have gone underground as the military intensified efforts to bring Amangben to book.

“The military authorities have decided that since the Southern Ijaw Council chairman and Chairman of Bayelsa State Waterways commitee have been running deals and are close allies of Amangben, then they must know his whereabouts and provide valid information that can lead to the arrest of Amangben. This latest development has compelled Lucky Okodeh and Weris Tike, to also take-off,” added the source, which pleaded anonymity.

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